(357) – Moved To Tears

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.”

The airport was very busy that night. I hugged mom and two brothers not knowing what was waiting for me on the other side of my trip. I stood in the line to get the tickets, checked my bags and passport, picked special dates for my dear from the duty free and headed to the gate.

Boarding started on time, I was happy. I sat next to the window, took my first picture and texted my dear saying i’ll be offline for the next 4 hours till we get to Frankfurt. The airplane took off at 02.00 a.m. Everyone slept except for me, kept staring at the darkness outside, wondering if it’s happening for real.

The sun was coming up and we were still flying at an altitude of 33,000 ft. The breakfast was a delicious pancakes with croissant and apple juice. I decided to myself that I have to enjoy every single moment of it.

We landed in Frankfurt, still I could not believe it. I was discovering the huge airport having my backpack on and smiling all the time. After two hours, the boarding began and I was getting even more excited to fly again but this time to my destination, to NYC!

I could not stop thinking of my main purpose of the trip, I could not hold myself from writing very intimate text messages on the airplane though I had no internet connection but my belief that they will be delivered soon as I land in JFK!

To describe my feeling during the whole trip is nearly impossible because I never felt anything similar before; I never had such feelings of love, joy, happiness, courage and energy before. It was all building up in my mind mixed with high expectations about my first trip to America, the land of opportunities and grace. I did not speak a word in almost 10 hours now yet feeling super enthusiastic to talk; people seemed very interesting especially couples; I longed for my love at that particular moment like nobody ever did while A Sky Full Of Stars was playing in my ears and his picture occupying my not so innocent imagination of us together. I shed a few tears, I let go of more tears, tears of joy and excitement, looking forward to a spectacular vacation of us together…

(212) – What do strangers think of you?

I just watched this astonishing video and thought “I need to re-share it on my blog”. The insanity of putting someone before a huge mirror and let them talk to themselves is just appealing. Then, there are judges who felt the same when they were standing before the mirror but with different opinions this time.

The best word is that we all are amazing, we all think differently. Please watch. 🙂


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(159) – Day #159

It’s Friday morning, I’m sitting in my room, relaxing, contemplating and struggling with the idea of giving up old habits. They’re not necessarily bad habits but at some point we desperately need a change even if we’re not aware of it.

Starting with my food habits which used to include junk fast food and absolutely unhealthy food, moving to sports and social life, change seems to be significant at this point.

On the one hand, I’ve started with food; no more meat (at least until my cholesterol goes back to the normal limit) no burgers, soda drinks, fried food, hot dogs or any other meal that has too much fat in it. Instead, I have to have more food, vegetables and beans which I rarely ever have. What is more, I found out that vegetables do have a special taste, you get to discover a new kind of appetite. Fried fruits are also amazing especially apricot and grapes, tasteful stuff. Legumes and nuts as well have too many advantages for the human body, they’re full of HDL (high-density lipoprotein) which is known as the good cholesterol and can provide us with the needed protein as an alternative of red meat.

On the other hand, I am now exercising almost every night. Fastwalk and running are my favorites. The first night I hit 4 miles in 34 minutes, the next I hit 5 miles in 43 minutes, it was really interesting to feel the blood flowing into your legs, hands and even brain. The best point about adopting a healthier lifestyle when you see others who still “think” they have a good fulfilling life, it’s like reading a book, you discover new worlds and horizons, you become sophisticated and well-experienced.

Laziness is another bad habit which I’m working very hard on. I have read only 2 books since Jan 2014, there are still 14 books to be read and understood this year. Even worse, I’m 10 posts behind. See how lazy I am?

what are you up to? how’s your reading list for the year going? are you as lazy as I am? I hope not! Have a blessed Friday everyone. 🙂

(155) – GRAVITY… And They Say God Don’t Exist!

Do you remember the last time you felt alone? Nobody was there, no animals, no insects, no trees, no water, nothing at all. It was merely a landscape and silence, absolute quietness. You could hear nothing but your heart beat. You needed help, you deeply wanted to survive and go back to life, to everyday’s life, humans and nature.

That is how Dr. Stone (Sandra Bullock) feels in Gravity; after crashing their space shuttle, she detached and starts spinning in the space. I never knew space was that scary because I never thought of the word itself, “space”. It’s nothing, it’s empty, vast and space; you’d spin and spin and spin with no friction to stop you. You are completely on your own counting your last hours until the oxygen runs out.

Well, that made me feel the greatness of God; in space we’re closer to God, in his hands we endlessly spin. What’s then? Where would I go? Keep flying in this vast universe? I look at the terrific view of earth and think of the creator; why Earth? What made it different from Mars or Neptune or any other planet? Was that a random call? The universe chose the earth and decided to let us happen? I sincerely doubt it!

Gravity opened my eyes even more to the greatness of God and the silliness of us, people. It’s almost everyone’s dream to go to the moon, it’s the ultimate dream we’d ever think of, yet, we might die there, up in the space. Eventually, we’re all dead and sent back to the same place we were once created in. The point is not to live, the point is to have faith, belief and a purpose so we be ready to meet our destiny, anytime, anywhere.

(154) – Let It Rain

Unexpectedly, the beginning of this wintertime was amazing and promising of such a memorable season full of snow and heavy rain; we had an early blizzard before the Christmas, lots and lots of snow accumulated for weeks over large areas of Jordan and nearby countries. We were all amazed of the snow and the amount of water had fallen on earth but since we’re not used to this, we started to complain and curse the weather; too many ignorants complained asking for warm weathers and shared their silly jokes on the web with the intent of getting famous probably.

However, since then, we hadn’t had snow or even rain, only extremely cold weathers as well as drought. Even worse, they kept joking around and nobody thought of blaming themselves for what’s happening. It’s winter but without rain, that’s a serious problem I believe.

Religiously speaking, God holds the rain when his people are sinful and careless, it’s some sort of a wakeup call to warn us of the risk of our own bad deeds. Only after two months when we started to feel the results, we went out to the streets praying for God to send us rain, the entire country was asking for rain with some exceptions for sure. It’s 3.45 am now, it’s been raining since yesterday afternoon without stopping.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting by the window contemplating the greatness of God, his mercy, grace and forgiveness. I know certainly why forgiveness is divine. In Arabic we say “when God gives, he amazes”, I believe in that. so dear Allah, please, bliss our souls, families and lives, we are weak, humble and irresponsible. Allah, please, let it rain…