(301) – BOYHOOD


I may regret this later when I’m older but I don’t think the world needs more kids anymore. I think I can stop the pain, stop the world from hurting those little innocent kids and punishing them for other’s faults.

Mason, the main character in the movie, was single parented after his dad left his mom because they’ve realized lately they did not really like each other. The mother now has two kids to raise properly, to protect, to teach and introduce them to such a merciless world. Kids are definitely the best thing in life, though I don’t know the feeling yet. However, not anybody can be or should be a parent; It’s a full time job, it’s about devotion and sacrifice, you’ll always have to make tough decisions and give the best to those who are going to carry your name after your death. ‘

The story goes on but there’s a couple of points I’d like to comment on. I liked it really much when the dad first told his son how to love someone saying “you should be interested in her”. Yes, that makes a perfect sense to me; love is interest in the one you love, it sort of sums up the whole story of any two lovers whether they were friends or spouses.

The other thing that made my day is how some people spread love. Love, compassion, and kindness are more three words I’m adding today to my keywords list of the year. We don’t have to make more enemies but friends; the parents in the movie were get divorced at a young age, yet they still could love their kids and respect each other so the kids learn how to love and respect. They will always share the good time, encourage and compliment each other’s achievements even after the divorce. People don’t want anything except kindness. We all are going to leave and move to different places, our image will be forgotten but only our kindness and love shall be reminded ever after and to prove that, there comes the waiter at the restaurant -who used to be a worker and could barely speak a word of English- to thank the mother who once told him he’s smart.

The soundtracks are amazing, I really liked the country song by Wilco but my favorite one is Hero by Family Of The Year.

There are so many good points about the movie that are worth mentioning but I would like you to enjoy it yourself.