(314) – Oh Lord, It Is Snowing Tonight! – Assignment #3

Growing up in a city where snow is not a regular visitor at all, I always wanted to get snowed in, to be able to enjoy the snow as it’s falling and wake up in the morning hurrying to the window to see everything around me covered in white.

God replied to my prayers; 4 years ago, we moved to the capital city of Jordan, Amman where it usually snows heavily and people get the chance to make snowmen and snap many nice pictures. I remember the first two years I was delighted by the snow, I did not want to miss a moment when it’s snowing, I spent as much time as I could playing and walking under the snow. I’d wake up in the morning to get the best view of the landscapes before people wake up and mess the tremendous scene of the vast white areas.

Every year I wait impatiently for a snow storm, only one, just so I can go out and have fun. Well, this year, I did not know about the storm until last Monday. My sister told me there’s a storm coming to Jordan and they’re expecting heavy snow more than anytime ever in Amman. Plus, it’s going to last for a couple of days, not only one night stand.

I did not respond excitedly because I’m preoccupied with graduation and now I’m beginning to get used to snow. Today morning, it started snowing, no rain at all, only snow and lots of snow. I couldn’t hide my astonishment, my happiness. I was thrilled, overwhelmed, happy and hopeful…

For some mysterious reason, such weathers make me thoughtful, hopeful, grateful and inspired about the future and the life I want. I’ve been feeling this flow of energy in my blood since the morning; I want to do more, achieve more, have fun and live, live life for real. I don’t like that I’m sitting in the house watching the snowfall from behind the glass, I want to go out, to enjoy every single moment while it’s snowing. I don’t exactly know how to do that but I feel like it. I get the same feeling every time it’s raining; it’s a blessing from God, it’s grace and mercy. We shouldn’t be quiet about it, there must be something people do to enjoy it as much as possible.

I’m looking out from my window now; the smell is unbelievable, it’s clean. Wind is blowing, snow is falling quietly, accumulating on the ground, temperature is freezing, clouds are passing quickly giving a chance to more snowfall from other clouds, thunder and lightning are striking and i’m thinking about my future again; in which part of the world would I love to live and whether it’ll come true or not? with whom and how long is that going to take? what’s worrying me more is my future as an ambitious young guy; will I ever be fulfilled? will I be the man I always dream of? where will i be next year? how about my family? the thoughts go on…




Taken by me. Mar, 2012



Taken by me. Mar, 2012


Taken by me. Dec 2013


Taken by me. Dec 2013


Taken by me. Dec 2013


Taken by me. Dec 2013


Taken by Jordan Times. Jan, 2015


Taken by Jordan Weather. Jan, 2015



(300) – How Done Are You?

I just found this astonishing Done scale online and thought it’ll be nice to evaluate my progress in different things especially the university degree.

On the Done scale, I can say I’m almost done with my degree except for the finals… HOPEFULLY! 🙂 🙂 🙂

My resolutions for the year of 2014 are sadly half done; I did not put enough time or even effort to make it Done Done!


(289) – Chasing The Right Things


It’s said “when you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you”. I think the right things will FIND its way to you once you give up the wrong things.

Though I hate to be uncertain and the most uncertain word is “things” but in this case it’s the right one, I think. Either your dreams, friends, beliefs or even music, there’s always a right thing to follow and pursue.

My thing for the night is music. I always loved music and wanted to try something new. I have always found something interesting about classics and had this fond for old stuff but never thought I’d be a big fan of the 80’s or even the 70’s until I started listening to Mood 92 which is a local radio station that mostly plays the old songs you’d always like to listen to.

Boney M, ABBA, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Journey, Foreigner and many more are becoming my favorite. Thanks to my elder friends who did not stop recommending other fabulous songs as well as bands and artists after they knew I now share the affinity for such old school.

It annoys, maybe hurts me sometimes to find that I’m quite different from guys my age it terms of interests, likes and dislikes but everyone’s good at something and that what we should all focus on and nurture. I’d recommend people to always try new things, be open-minded and accept whatever life has to offer. This was said to me one time quite before I had my first sexual experience. I can’t deny I got hurt but I did learn and I am happy today the way I am.

It’s also the same thing with my university; you have no idea how much I detest engineering or even engineers but it’s definitely meant to convey a message and it shall be gone eve rafter.

It’s maybe music now what I’m getting to experience living life with a taste of the old times but it’s helping me effectively coping with current issues and opening my eyes to different aspects and beauty we may have missed as a younger generation.


This is a new Arabic song by Elissa, a Lebanese artist. I’ve been listening to the song for a couple of days and it’s really nice. I’ve done my best translating the lyrics to English and hopefully it didn’t lose its beauty. Hope you enjoy!


Oh my mirror

How much have I changed in the last few years?

Oh my mirror

How many times have I lost in the last few years?


Oh my mirror

You know my story

You know what I’ve seen, what frightens me,

The times I stood in front of you,

Saying “this is my end”

Oh my mirror

I’m fed up with the whole world,

Tired and have no idea what’s going on

Everyday feels like a year

Is it possibly my end?



Oh my mirror

What have I lost? What have I found? And what do I have left?

Oh my mirror

My heart is truly upset with everything

Oh my mirror

You know my story

I am agitated, irritated and disturbed of treachery

I am weighed down and bored to death

Wounds are leaving scars

Leading to my end

Oh my mirror

You know my story

My heart is broken

I have never been happy

Do tell when my turn is


Oh my mirror

How much have I changed in the last few years?

Oh my mirror

How many times have I lost in the last few years?



(281) – Places I need To Visit In USA

One of the countries that top my bucket list is USA; I like the variety of cultures, places and climate there. I think it’s like 50 countries in one big country that ensures you everything you want or need to see, live and enjoy.

The problem with USA is the visa and since i’m Arab it’s even more difficult to get there unless I have money, and I mean lots of money. However, this doesn’t stop me and I believe I will visit there soon if God wills it, just a matter of time.

Today, as I was working on an article about the best places to visit in America, I found this blog on Buzzfeed and it sort of summed up the whole search for me. Today, I’m adding all these places to my bucket list, I have one more dream to make come true. No words can describe the beauty of the pictures, I hope you make time to check them out carefully, all of them.


29 Surreal Places In America You Need To Visit Before You Die


(279) – Get Busy Reading



Today I was reviewing my resolutions for the current year, it had both good and bad news. The good news is that I’m doing a great job with most of the resolutions I put for the year including university, adopting new useful habits and getting busy living. The bad news is that I’ve finished 6 books only out of 16! It was shocking, to say the least.

I’ve been ignoring my books for quite a long time now or let me say I don’t finish what I start. Last month, I decided to start reading The Art Of Seduction which is the kind of books I love but I stopped after the first chapter. I borrowed Les Miserables on Saturday and still didn’t start reading it…

Well, the new year of 2015 is only 70 days away, I probably still have plenty of time if only I commit and that’s why I decided to get few smaller books to read. Also, I will be reading more than one book at the same time which should be challenging yet awesome experience.