Whenever we like something, love someone, we try to repeat the moment so we could hold it tighter, closer and embrace it. Well, I was just listening to a song that holds a big meaning to me, a song that I love and enjoy every time I listen to it as if it were the first time. Well, you know in every favorite song of ours there’s a verse or a moment we love most, we play the song over and over again to get to that solo or statement and enjoy it. I found out that the secret to enjoy the moment is to grasp it in the present, not to repeat it because the real taste, the beauty of it is to seize it in the now; to get the best out of this second and make it last forever in your mind, in your soul.

I wish everyone’s reading now to listen to their best song of all time right now or hang out with their best lover/friend and grasp the moment, enjoy it to the max and focus on being happy. Β πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




(332) – SNOWY GLEE :)


I do not want to talk a lot, just want you to enjoy my humble pictures of the snow today in Amman, Jordan and see how happy I am with the snow but first play the following song and donce on! THANK GOD πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

20150220_085758 Β DSC_0231






I love the fence!

DSC_0147 Β  Β  Β DSC_0265
















(329) – Driving in Jordan


Driving generally combines taste, art and ethics. Everyone in Jordan agrees with such a fact yet only very few people apply it simply because “everybody else is careless, why would I care?”

Driving in Jordan is one of the most distinguished facts you’ll notice if you ever come for a visit; it’s a complete work of randomness and chaos. Driving your car in a straight way, you should expect all the bad things to happen in the blink of an eye, God forbid! People generally don’t respect the road, they think they have the right to cross the street at any moment and you’re supposed to hit the brakes or… God forbid! Taxis and public buses are a potential danger on the road threatening of a car accident most of the time. Their drivers, with all respect, are the filthiest and most ill-mannered people you’d ever meet; they don’t respect the cops, traffic lights, traffic sign or road priorities. All they want is to pick up the next passenger and drive on not to mention how disgusting it is to take the public bus!

After graduation, I decided to get my driving license and today was the second lesson. I am fairly a good driver but not in traffic jams and high ways so I’ll have roughly 10 lessons and hopefully get my driving permit. Well, the best thing is my driving instructorΒ is teaching me how to think, how to use my mind while driving; he starts with saying “read the street, then take action”. He’s teaching me how to expect what the others are going to do around me including vehicles and people -kids in particular- because you never know when somebody decides to cross the street. He says you can always give a priority but never take it; if it’s your right to proceed and then someone wants to forcefully go, you should let him or you get your car hit. Ironically, my brother and probably father won’t agree with this, they’re somehow stubborn and don’t easily give in to others on the road, I’m not! πŸ™‚


I find it interesting to be learning this, it’s actually enlightening, eye-opening and helpful in real life away from driving. I am beginning to read others’ minds and try to consider what they think of in terms of human interactions. We should all learn how to be alert, always. Living this way might be mentally exhausting but it surely is going to help if you’re a writer or wishing to be a one.


(328) – A Day in Aqaba

Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan and the destination of the Jordanians during holidays and warm weekends. Last time I saw the sea I was only 8 years old; we were on a vacation with the family and my dad’s friends with their families. However, today I had the pleasure of visiting the sea again and on my own. I did not want to take any of my friends and just have some time relaxing while contemplating the beauty of the beach for a couple of hours.

I won’t talk as much because I’m all exhausted and have to sleep but one thing; security is such a precious thing we don’t appreciate until it’s threatened and Jordan is with all the things I dislike about it is secure and hopefully always it shall be. That’s a little bit of a truth I came to realize lately. God save & bless Jordan…


It was raining in Amman in the morning







Down the road to Aqaba



First sight of the sea






My chubby feet! :S



Love the palm trees








(320) – To Kill A Mockingbird



It’s one of the highest recommended books in the history of reading and I am finally getting a chance to read it. However, I’m trying something new this time; I’ve downloaded the audiobook and am playing it while reading the real book. Well, the purpose is to help my spoken English because I couldn’t and still can’t afford a tutor to help my pronunciation, not that it’s bad but I want to be better.

I’ve tried to do that today, I couldn’t read loudly with the audiobook, had a few problems with concentrating and understanding the story because when you’re a bilingual, it takes a bit longer to think of what you’re reading unless you’ve got a proper help but I’m still determined on trying something new. I highlight the words I can’t pronounce well then go back to read it again on my own. Sometimes I read the same paragraph two or three times especially when there’s a new word to me, it’s actually interesting.

So what do you think of that? is it a good way to learn from the audiobook? do you recommend another policy that shall assist my reading as well as speaking skills? most importantly, have you read the book? what do you think of it? I’d like a second opinion. πŸ™‚