(316) – Fit Happens, So Does Success!


As a part of the Blogging 101 course, a change in theme as well as the tagline were required in the last two days. I have been thinking of a fresh start for my blog but I was looking for an idea to keep me inspired at least for a year from now. It suddenly happened while I was reading yesterday’s assignment on changing the blog theme. It says “NO one is going to spend more time on your blog than you, so you should love the way it looks” and I add, it should include what you love and want to be.

Fitness has been one of my fears for a couple of years after I failed at the gym and building the body I wanted. The reason was actually an obsessive bad habit of mine which I’m not sure I should be talking about. It affects all my physical activities, sports in particular. This year, I’ve decided to give it up, it won’t be easy as it’s part of me but with enough motivation, support and determination, it shall be gone for good, hopefully. Well, that’s the reason behind the cover photos I’ve picked for my new blog theme.

The goal is to be fit, healthy and never look back. This year, I want to be a great runner, a sports player, and may the odds be as always in our favor.

(315) – My Dream Reader – Assignment #4


Why do the ones we usually write about or mention in our blogs don’t read what we write? Yet, the ones we’re trying to eliminate are always following us?

This is my 3rd draft on writing about my dream reader, I was coming of a story combining my past as an avid reader and constant follower of my lover’s blog with my dream reader but it did not work out so I’m going now to write for the one I wish he reads my blogs. Here we go:

You go to bed by the time I get up in the morning. This big time difference between us makes me frustrated and you must know that. Every day, I lose approximately seven hours waiting for you to wake up and text me good morning. I am always thinking about you until you wake up, sometimes you don’t text me and I don’t text you because I still don’t know how you feel and whether or not you like to talk in the early morning. I don’t like to disturb you but you have to know that I’m always thinking about you, even when I’m not.

I’d like you to know that I’m so much interested in you and the reason is you. We met unexpectedly and I never thought I’d be thinking about life with you one day. It was merely a joke that’s becoming a reality. I disappear sometimes just so you miss me. Well, you do but you don’t either don’t like to show that or you’re over such love stories and want the real thing.

I know you are honest with me and never hid anything or misled me but sometimes I want you to talk more about yourself, to tell me what’s going on in your mind and what you think of me without me asking you. I want you to push forward with me so maybe we can live under the same roof one day and build the life we both are looking forward to.

My mobile phone is deliberately turned off today, I want to see if you’ll miss me or not.

I’d like you to know that I’m lonely and you know why. I’d like you to know that to making the decision to be with you is going to be one of the toughest decision I’ll ever have to make and you know why. I am investing in a relationship, in a warm heart, so please don’t disappoint me. And if you can’t take this anymore, tell me, I can handle it and we can remain friends for good.

Hugs n kisses, love!


(314) – Oh Lord, It Is Snowing Tonight! – Assignment #3

Growing up in a city where snow is not a regular visitor at all, I always wanted to get snowed in, to be able to enjoy the snow as it’s falling and wake up in the morning hurrying to the window to see everything around me covered in white.

God replied to my prayers; 4 years ago, we moved to the capital city of Jordan, Amman where it usually snows heavily and people get the chance to make snowmen and snap many nice pictures. I remember the first two years I was delighted by the snow, I did not want to miss a moment when it’s snowing, I spent as much time as I could playing and walking under the snow. I’d wake up in the morning to get the best view of the landscapes before people wake up and mess the tremendous scene of the vast white areas.

Every year I wait impatiently for a snow storm, only one, just so I can go out and have fun. Well, this year, I did not know about the storm until last Monday. My sister told me there’s a storm coming to Jordan and they’re expecting heavy snow more than anytime ever in Amman. Plus, it’s going to last for a couple of days, not only one night stand.

I did not respond excitedly because I’m preoccupied with graduation and now I’m beginning to get used to snow. Today morning, it started snowing, no rain at all, only snow and lots of snow. I couldn’t hide my astonishment, my happiness. I was thrilled, overwhelmed, happy and hopeful…

For some mysterious reason, such weathers make me thoughtful, hopeful, grateful and inspired about the future and the life I want. I’ve been feeling this flow of energy in my blood since the morning; I want to do more, achieve more, have fun and live, live life for real. I don’t like that I’m sitting in the house watching the snowfall from behind the glass, I want to go out, to enjoy every single moment while it’s snowing. I don’t exactly know how to do that but I feel like it. I get the same feeling every time it’s raining; it’s a blessing from God, it’s grace and mercy. We shouldn’t be quiet about it, there must be something people do to enjoy it as much as possible.

I’m looking out from my window now; the smell is unbelievable, it’s clean. Wind is blowing, snow is falling quietly, accumulating on the ground, temperature is freezing, clouds are passing quickly giving a chance to more snowfall from other clouds, thunder and lightning are striking and i’m thinking about my future again; in which part of the world would I love to live and whether it’ll come true or not? with whom and how long is that going to take? what’s worrying me more is my future as an ambitious young guy; will I ever be fulfilled? will I be the man I always dream of? where will i be next year? how about my family? the thoughts go on…




Taken by me. Mar, 2012



Taken by me. Mar, 2012


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Taken by me. Dec 2013


Taken by me. Dec 2013


Taken by me. Dec 2013


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Taken by Jordan Weather. Jan, 2015


(313) – Be Original, Be Unique – Assignment #2

Reading today’s assignment for Blogging 101, I found a word that truly inspired and reminded me of who you and I should be. It reminded me of a motivational speech I repeatedly listen to; be original, be unique.

Today’s topic is to edit your title and tagline. The most interesting thing I found in the suggestions is that your title should be original; it has to emphasize and focus on who you are, on your blog and what you expect from such a journey.

The good, maybe the best thing about being original is that it will always be you, it will always stick inside no matter what. In the motivational speech shared below, the speaker assumes if you were in a comma and when you wake up, people will tell you who you were before the accident, would you believe that? would you live as if you really were that character? or would you figure things out? would you accept the truth plainly and head on with whatever memories you still have? what if you were told by another one you’re not who your people think you are? well, that means now you have to deal with two different characters you can barely recognize any of them, so what now?

I was just watching a movie which has answers for all the question above, it’s called The Vow. Two beautiful married people experience a bad car accident resulting in a partial memory loss of the wife; she cannot remember her husband anymore, the one who loves her most, she can remember almost everything before she met him which makes her nervous about her bizarre decision to be his wife. The guy does his best to make her remember, to sweep her off her feet again and continue on the life they had together just before the accident. He tries everything from places, dates, old friends yet she still cannot remember and decides to stick to her family’s side until she starts to figure out her old life and and recognize her old genuine, original and unique character which eventually leads her to make the same exact old decision she’d made just before the accident.

By the end of the movie, she still cannot remember though she meets her husband again but this time for a completely different reason, because now this is who she was and who she’ll ever be.

Being original is all about being specific and defining who we are; likes, dislikes, opinions, interests and beliefs. It means that we accept ourselves because we like ourselves and nothing can prohibit us from acting naturally as well as spontaneously. When we are original, it means we will always be no matter how far we travel, how long we live or whoever we meet. Something genuine will always be shinning inside, embrace it.

(312) – Who I Am And Why I’m Here – Assignment #1

Almost three years ago, I was asked for the first time ever to introduce myself to a group of people. I stood silently for a couple of seconds that seemed like long speechless hours then mentioned my name and what I’m studying at university. Well, at that moment, I’d realized something was wrong and it has to be changed.

It took me quite a long time to change that and I did it, yes, I did. My name’s Ahmed. I’m a young ambitious guy who’s majoring in mechanical engineering but has no least interest in engineering. My passion is all about languages and writing. There’s no reason behind this love for writing, it’s just in my blood, a feeling I get multiple times a day and a desire to be fulfilled. Three years ago, I made the decision of learning English and becoming a writer. I’ve tried and am still trying to speak fluently and write great articles but the point sometimes is to keep on the habit of writing, so I don’t care as much about how good or bad my article is, I just want to write more and more, to let go of the internal turmoil of thought I have all the time.

October 2013, I started this blog titled Till Graduation; the purpose is to post one blog everyday until I graduate from university which is expected by the end of this month. Well, having gone all that long way, I don’t think I will give up blogging even when I graduate. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to keep on writing and dumping more personal issues on my blog, to evaluate my progress if not daily then weekly, to develop my writing skills and techniques and to meet more astonishing blogs and bloggers.

I can’t believe I’m taking a place in Blogging 101 course, I am here because I love writing, because it’s what I want to do when I come back home after a long day at work or maybe it’ll be my future career. I am here because I want to be able to inspire and help other people be, to let people know that they also will do it even if they can’t now. Everyone is good at something and it could be writing. While I’m struggling to learn English on my own and write, you may be a native English speaker and a professional writer but you’ve not discovered yourself yet and I might be the reason behind such a great discovery.

Blogging 101 is not going to be easy, I think, but it sure is worth it. So let it be…