(359) – For The Very First Time



Travelling on my own such a distance, Frankfurt to NYC, not having anyone to talk to during the whole flight, or share the joys and happy moments of my trip, I was exposed to all kinds of feelings and emotions not knowing precisely what I’m going to see in the next few hours, not being able to do anything but hope for the best.

Out of the blue moon, a strange thought hits me “why am I so excited? I’m visiting the US, what a big deal? WHAT? THE US? AIN’T IT THAT COUNTRY I READ ABOUT ALL THE TIME ON THE INTERNET? THE HOME OF ALL GREAT MOVIES? WHAT? CROSSING THE OCEAN? LANDING IN JFK? MANHATTAN? BROOKLYN? OH LORD!!!! HAVE MERCY ON ME!!!!”

Yes, I was getting even more convinced of the huge step I was taking, I was travelling for real and discovering a whole new world, visiting the country that I did not expect to see… Thank God, Thank God, Thank God… I will never thank God enough, I can’t… THANK YOU GOD…


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