(355) – 18 Day Challenge

I am thinking of an 18 day challenge whether it’s a writing challenge, a fitness challenge or any other personal one but it has to be only 18 day beginning from today.

I am currently reading a book called Just After Sunset by Stephen King. It’s simply a collection of short stories that includes a couple of truly wonderful stories you should not miss. What I really like is where the story begins and how it ends. Sometimes, I really get lost in the first few pages especially if there’s much description of every thing where I fail at understanding every single word but it’s still worth reading because you can’t just throw the book away, I mean I can’t tolerate myself for doing such a thing, it’s kind of a challenge to whether or not I can push myself to read…

Just After Sunset actually opened my eyes to story writing and what a fantastic adventure it’d be to reach new areas and thoughts in your mind that you never knew about. I guess the beauty of it comes later on, after years of writing and mastering the stories then you go back to your first trials and realize how far you’ve gone. Moreover, I was amazed by the girl who appeared on Humans Of New York the other day talking about the characters and the world she invented and how everything was just so good and relevant. In other words, it was the sign I wanted to try to write a story.

Somethings are not merely random or coincidence, they’re in fact opportunities in disguise wandering to be recognized and seized upon eagerly, so my 18 Day Challenge is going to be about writing stories, 18 different stories for the next 18 days.

Did I mention why “18” in particular?! 😉


2 thoughts on “(355) – 18 Day Challenge

    • Hello! I am really sorry I did not reply to your comment earlier but it’s been a tough week here.

      Sadly, I did not do it, I did not even try to do it but I set myself a bigger task and that is a new blog on WordPress -check out my latest post-. I am now starting fresh and feeling brand new. I wish you the best of luck on your blog and am looking forward to visit it the soonest and see what you’re up to. 🙂

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