(353) – Why Writing

Every now and then, I find myself giving in to fear or somehow enjoying being afraid of something that never existed before and building fake walls to overcome, disillusions and deceiving thoughts that have nothing to do but to inspire a writer.

That kind of feeling just tried to mess with my mind, with my clear thinking while I was considering my new plans regarding looking for a job and starting my career path.

Music plays a big part of such misleading thinking especially if you’re the kind of people who loves music very much and every song has its own story in your head either a memory, a future plan or merely a dream you’d really like to come true one day.

Writing does help me eliminate any negative self-talk and make every success possible, it’s one of the reasons I want to be a writer because I can be who I am away from people, I can be independent or interdependent with the one I would to share my life story with…

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