(350) – Life At Home

Did I ever mention why having kids confuses me? Did I ever mention the downside of living with the family?

It’s 6 a.m. I am so frustrated, pissed off and struggling with my rage. I only slept 4 hours this night, thanks to my elder brother who shares the room with me; he’s making my sleeping habits suffer to the max because “I’m so grumpy” as he states.

The problem starts with me; I’m a very light sleeper but I’m improving and trying to avoid some external stimulus such as light and all kinds of noise. However, there’s a couple of things that still get on my nerves and will never be tolerated; scents in particular.

My brother is the kind of guy who does not understand through listening anymore; he has to go through whatever experience to learn the lesson or you’ll have to be harsh with him and that’s where I come in. He likes to be good looking so he does iron his clothes early in the morning next to me making all that barely audible yet extremely noisy sounds of whatever he’s touching. Oh, first things first, his alarm goes off on time to which he never responds, so it’s actually pointless. He starts coughing badly when he gets up due to the cigarettes he smokes everyday. Wearing his clothes, if and only if it’s all ready -if not, that’d be another long post to explain- putting hair gel or cream; it’s perfumed and the perfume goes directly to my brain cells through my nose and that’s enough to wake me up mentally even if the body doesn’t respond.

After work, he takes a long nap -though he doesn’t want to but can’t control himself- which means he’ll stay up till the late hours, wakes up late next morning and so on. Whether it’s day or night, morning or evening, he’s rowdy, clamorous and much more that I can’t cover!

For the past 10 days, my mom was travelling and I had to take care of the household chores; it’s tough, tough, tough and unfair to the parents. Parents do like the stuff, at least sometimes, but I find it so selfish of the kids to take their parents’ lives for granted and not give a damn.

Self-management is such an act of daily investments, a bit by bit. I’ve been trying to tell my brother, to make him understand the things we as a family ask from him, to help him be more disciplined in his life and not doing what annoys the others or opposes their freedom. Honestly, he’s trying to improve but not doing his best. I do blame him yet so emotional to take a severe action and change things by force. Success, I believe, starts from within ourselves and discipline is a big part of it.


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