(349) – Irreplaceable

My dad is not my favorite man, he’s not my idol or godfather, I’d always find something new to dislike about him and the ones that follow my blog know that but things changed when I started working with him where I was able to see things from a different angle, to look at how my dad treats people outside and how they respond to him. I actually had an opportunity to discover new sides of my dad’s character. Well, it didn’t take long until I got used to that and was back to my old critics and judgments.

Nonetheless, it still feels different sometimes when I’m more patient and considerate. Two months ago, my dad traveled to Jeddeh to do some work there, he was supposed to stay for a month when his boss extended his visa for another month. My mom decided to take a vacation and went there to spend the last 10 days with my dad. The first surprise hit me when my dad told me that he won’t come back and his staying there will be extended again for at least 2 months; I did not know what happen; well, I missed him, a little bit! Today, I discovered it was all a joke when he showed up with mom at the arrivals building. Something strange occurred, I held my dad tightly and insisted on loving him, I kissed him a couple of times before let go of him and was really happy to see him and mom. At the beginning, I was kind of skeptical to show my love for him, to show that I really miss his existence among us and that he truly means a big thing in our family.

We came back home, my brothers welcomed us and still I felt weak or vulnerable or whatever kind of feeling that made me hug my dad again and personally tell him that I miss him. We stayed up together unwrapping the gifts and talking about almost everything when suddenly I played a song by Fairouz that made me shed a few tears…

Parents are irreplaceable; no matter how good or bad they are, tough or relentless, they are still our parents and nothing will ever make up for their love and care… I truly am for all the times that I’d lost my nerves and got pissed off at my parents, it happens but I hope no more.

I am glad my parents had fun, lots of fun and good times together. I hope I can keep them happy for good and help them travel even more to see even nicer cities and countries. Thank God, they’ve got what they want and tonight it feels like everything has paid off!



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