(348) – The Apocalypse

Back when I was a kid, my dad and teachers used to tell us a lot of stories about the end of the world and the things that are going to happen as mentioned in the Quran as well as Hadith; the difficulty of the situation, the astonishment on everyone’s face and the unbelievably horrible events of that particular day. Well, it made me somehow look forward to that day to witness all of this, to see with my naked eyes what it means and how bad things are going to be.

I don’t actually deny any of what I’ve been taught but my point of view has now changed and I can or at least am trying to see things differently. God created this planet, found life on it and sent us here on a mission. He also put so many pleasures and joys yet rules on how to make the best out of everything available. Well, things got quite complicated all over the past endless years and life has changed so many times, either spiritually or even the tangible stuff, the physical things like biology.

Oh, I digress. What I’m trying to focus on is some people’s attitude toward this day, the end of the world. I have no idea why some of us are somehow trying to rush things; I can’t see a good point of such intentions and why being so negative about it. I mean if you can’t just live, then let live. We are created to enjoy, to love,to have fun and be happy. You can’t judge others presuming they’re wrong and act like you’ll win it all. There are so many things to discover and realize about life and existence, that all has something to do with your role here on earth because if you think you’re not going to be judged for the time wasted here, then I suppose you’re wrong.

One of my friends actually pushed my buttons tonight after he mentioned the end of the worlds as if he was looking forward to it to get what he has in mind neglecting the fact that he’s still here in a good shape to go after his dreams and make them come true. I was trying to see the world through his eyes if he were rich; would he be thinking about the same thing? about taking revenge or sorry letting God take revenge of his enemies on his own? I am saying that with such good intentions, I’m not perfect and get pissed off as well as angry so many times on so many things but the point is that we have power, strength beyond our imagination, life is good and worth living so why wasting time blaming others and waiting for things to happen to us?

I don’t know what kind of experiences people go through that make them so negative and grumpy. It must be hard, and I pray to God to keep us all fine and help us enjoy our times here but I am trying to help, to deliver a message, to open some eyes…

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