(347) – A Little Theory

Sometimes I’m reminded of this little theory that I developed over the years of which I’m still not sure whether it’s true or it’s just my unintentional belief in it that makes it true. I feel like everyone of us has a certain amount of good times and bad times during the day so if you laugh a lot in the morning, that means your evening may not be as enjoyable.

Well, I never told anybody about that. However, when I did confide to my sister last week, she threw a quick judgmental comment on me “Ahmed, you’re insane!”… what? NO, i’m not, it’s just a feeling and it happened to me just the same day I revealed my little theory to her.

Well, because it could always be worse, things actually get a little bit crazier in my mind; it’s said “nothing worth having comes easy”, that freaks me out… why? why the heck it can’t just come easy to us? why do we have to struggle to get what we want and what we like? I know we’d appreciate it better, way better when it takes more effort but it still can come easily yet so highly appreciated, right?

My friend and I were talking the other day about me getting a job and I told him I don’t want to do what every other guy in my age does to get the job because simply I’m not them and they’re not me, I mean I don’t have to struggle as much to get a job; we have different beliefs, yet different destinies! The idea sometimes strikes me; will I ever be as good as my friends are if I don’t do the same things they’ve all done?! It’s that awkward moment when doubt begins to creep in!

I am sometimes a little afraid to enjoy my craziness to the max, it makes me feel like I have to stop that and thank God for such good times but in fact, I do thank God every second and appreciate all His blessings, I may not be doing every thing God told me to do but I swear I love Him and want Him to only give me a chance, help me bring out the best in me and to give me time as well as good health to do everything I have in mind.

Toady, I believe we are blessed and we all should or must be happy not because it’s a good thing but the reason simply is that we were never created to grieve or dwell on bad times. Our inner strength, beliefs and determination accompanied with God’s will have the power to transform our lives to something marvelous and magical that never happened before…


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