(344) – Two Wolves – Book Review

“Opening the floodgates to the depths of your heart and unchaining your deepest secrets can stir up some conflict in your life.”

“No matter what happens, you can teach yourself to bloom during the darkest of times, just like the midnight flower.”

“Hindsight is always 20/20, and to an extent I agree with this, but if you aren’t looking back once in a while and being honest with yourself, your vision doesn’t actually exist. Your vision can’t exist because you have absolutely no idea where you came from.”

“Life is incredibly balanced. It gives you a taste of feeling horrible about yourself so you can truly experience the warmth in your heart when you are living in the present and enjoying the path you are on.”

“Life is not a male vs. female issue. It is in fact a person to person collaboration.”

The Better Man Project is a story I’ve been following on the social networks for more than a year now and it’s actually one of my favorite pages on Facebook of all time. I don’t know Evan -the author of the book- on a personal level, we never had a chat before but I can absolutely relate to his blogs, image quotes and stories he always shares because we both have missions as well as goals to come true, we both aspire to be better and that’s how it all started.

Evan has been sharing his book online and the moment I got an email encouraging me to read the book, I said to myself “that’s enough! I’m gonna download and read the book”. It is truly life-changing, paradigm shifting and life transforming book. Even if you hadn’t been following the project from the very beginning, you can still figure out what the writer is talking about.

The first thing I admire is the title; Two Wolves. As Evan explains in his book, a wolf is fierce and can transform your life, either the good or the bad wolf, both can make quantum change to your life and lead you to a totally different place other than your wanted destiny.

The writer then starts expressing his love and admiration for writing and how helpful it is for us, people, to write on and vent to papers. Nobody is a good writer, or nobody thinks he/she is a good writer but in fact, we all can write and put our thoughts into words, you never know who’s going to like your writing style. I am not a good writer, I neither speak nor read English perfectly but I am trying and some friends do really like what they read, so it’s worth the try, trust me on that.

I loved the chapter “You Open The Door & It’s You” OMG! How can somebody come up with such a story? It’s like seeing a 10 years older version of you standing right there at your doorstep; well, would you recognize that person? would you welcome him? Would you like him? What would you want him to be like?

One of the subjects I really liked was about feminism because here in my country, there’s always a battle between males and females, who’s right and who’s wrong. Both sides become emotional and start talking aimlessly thinking the one who shuts up first is a loser and inferior. I guess if we were to focus on the mutual bonds between us and the fact that we were created to complete each other, things would be different. If we were to empathetic about each other, we would be in a totally different place today.

The ending of the book is such a great story, a personal story of the writer and how he could overcome inner fears and personal struggles after 100 days of continues effort then commitment to 12 weeks of hard work. i was moved, I was inspired and felt this flow of energy and determination flowing in my blood.

Moreover, there was a statement in the last few pages that goes “begin with the end in mind”… I am now reading a book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and this statement has been repeated over and over again in the book. I did mull it over times and times again and felt like I totally understood it after it was mentioned here right in Tow Wolves. So yes, begin with the end of mind…


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