(342) – Sometimes

Sometimes, I just feel like writing, about anything, about everything; I just grab a pen and start scribbling thinking it must be some type of art, that I might be discovered in the future or be able to improve this passion for scrawling or drawing something genuine but not yet defined.

Sometimes, I think how life would be like when I start writing, how influential I would be and the people who’d buy my books. Well, that idea does not agonize me as much as being capable of writing something marvelous. I mean I don’t think as much about writing a book but the idea that I can write a book, in a foreign language, and be able to use the words in such a curiously astonishing way.

Sometimes, I look at other people I admire, I aspire to be like and long for that day when I am the person I want to be. I look ahead to see how long the journey is, how far the dream may be but then remind myself of God’s glory and how each and everyone of us gets what we want eventually.

Sometimes, I look at other people in the streets, at the shopping mall and everywhere else and try to find my place, to really imagine where I’d be in the near future, to see what makes me different from those who work two shifts everyday or those who are doing a great physical effort to get paid, to realize why I’m different and what I should do to remain different.

Sometimes, I think I’ve got the right kind of attitude, perspective as well as purpose, that I’m on the right way and I shall succeed soon but still I think I’ve got to do more, to achieve more and get moving.

Honestly, I don’t think I’m afraid or worried, it’s just the desire to be better in a place where I think I deserve to be and with the one I want. All I need to do is a little bit of time management and more planning to steer myself away from the wrong path while remaining focused.

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