(341) – It Does Pay Off!


Well, it’s such a great feeling to be surrounded by like-minded people with whom you don’t need an iota of effort to express your innermost thoughts and feelings simply because we all think in the same way; we all see greatness and live for bigger purposes on the land of the lord, the land that was made for innovation as well as creation.

It’s actually a greater feeling to realize that your efforts have eventually paid off; the long dark nights, the loneliness, the endlessly deep thinking and contemplation times you’ve been experiencing for so long and now it’s all come true, it’s reality.

Last month I graduated from university but it actually didn’t feel like a big achievement to me; I did not like what I was doing there, I did not belong, it’s not my cup of tea and the thing I always dreamed about. However, toady, after joining Toastmasters for the first time in years, I felt that kind of feeling each and every one of us wants to feel; I was grinning from ear to ear, laughing hysterically with friends and spreading compassion. It felt like home, it is the place you need to be in, it is where leaders are made.

Three years ago, when I stood for the very first time before people and was asked to introduce myself, I could not come up with a word other than my name. I had no idea what was going on or why I even was there but deep inside, something told me it is where I need to be. On that specific day, I decided I want to learn English and be able to stand fearlessly, well, and talk freely. It took so much effort, ups and downs but now it’s all a reality I live and wallow in everyday.

A friend approached me today and said “Ahmed, you’ve changed, a lot! Look at you, your language, your attitude, how did you do it?” I was like “what? Me? who are you talking about? it just can’t be me?” but yes, an older guy was talking to me and about me, he was impressed and so were many others, even me, myself! I did let myself to accept the compliments and be proud of what I have done over the years. I may have not excelled at engineering but there are a couple of things I can and will excel at, languages in particular. It brings tears to my eyes…

Today, hope and faith in oneself are restored. And to quote a great speaker who truly inspired us today and gave me this shudder of enjoyment I say “you don’t have to be perfect to be happy, you have to enjoy your imperfection and be happy and that is PERFECT”


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