(339) – Monday Motivation

“Embrace every possibility to move beyond the problems of today, the regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow. Stay present to the opportunities around you and what can be done right now. Stamp out worry, shake off disappointments and set-backs, clear your mind and lunge forward into your unfolding future.

Trust that the road ahead will be better than anything in the past. Tap into your power and expand your imagination for what is possible. Broaden your skills, increase your knowledge and upgrade your strategy. Commit to creating a life that demonstrates your gifts, your passion and your greatness. This is your time! You have GREATNESS within you!!” — Les Brown

Preaching is easy but actions are what really matters. I’ve been trying to stand up for myself and start over after graduation, many dreams and hopes for the future yet no actions at all. It happened to me yesterday that I might not as productive as I think I am. Also, I found out that I’m very dependent though I don’t seem to. The thing that tops it all was my realization that too many people around me who have no idea about motivation and self-help are making a good progress in their lives unlike me. I don’t mean to compare but to measure the and figure out the difference in terms of taking action between those who know and who don’t.
After a long conversation with one of my dearest friends yesterday, he told me that I have got to get moving, right now. He said “work on two goals everyday; not more, not less. Make calls, inquire, visit places and see people. You’re seeking self-development so do what it takes and you shall grow up”
Honestly, I needed the sound of the truth and needed someone to say it to me. Our perception of things around us is not necessarily right or wrong but somehow grey or vague or blurry. I mean we realize the big facts but partially shocked or inept to take any actions, that’s why it’s imperative to have friends and go after what we want at full pace.
Let’s get started, everyone of us…

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