(338) – One Month After Graduation

I think everyone college graduate deserves a short break to sort things out and plan for the next step. Well, things are pretty much different in Jordan due to the general financial situation of mostly all families; you’re required to help your family or at least stop asking for money which in case means that you have to find a job ASAP.

I graduated last month, my dad is actually still giving me money but I don’t want that yet I can’t say NO, I need it. It’s somehow troublesome; I wake up everyday delighted that I don’t have to worry about school anymore but deep inside I realize something else is waiting ahead and I got to take an action.

I said to myself it’s ok, I’m going to get any job and save up some money, it did not happen, at least so far.

The problem is that I’m so excited. However, I’m not doing what it takes to take advantage of such excitement or I have no idea what I should be doing other than working on my resume and start sending it right and left to companies begging for an interview or a yes that’ll force me to accept $250 in a month just because I’m a fresh graduate and need the money. You know what? screw it!

Oops! Screw me, I think! Everybody’s got to stand up for themselves, make themselves valuable and worthy, it’s the only way to live the life you want. All it takes is patience and commitment. (seriously?) :/

I am also trying to cultivate other personal skills as well as learning a new language, hopefully that’ll pay off soon!

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