It really saddens me how fast time is going by yet too slow. It’s all relative in such a blurry way I don’t actually get.

What freaks me out most is the fact that “I” know the truth, know what I want but not showing up, not doing what it takes to make it all come true.

Not having the friends I need is making me lonely but loneliness ain’t my source of pain, it’s actually the joy of being lonely because it pushes me to do some stuff I really could do without trying to prove to myself “I am not lonely”…

My mind is now occupied with the thought of “standing up for myself” and how to stop that undesired flow of negative energy. All I am asking of myself is a little bit of control over such bad habits I’ve developed over the last few years.

I’m all feeling well at the moment, a bit excited as well so I owe you a post when I’m going wild; it’s happening so much these days!


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