(331) – Rule of Thumb




Too many are the things we achieve in life yet we don’t feel like we’ve done the amount of things that are really worth the celebration or we just don’t feel as fulfilled as we thought we’d be. For example, last month I graduated from engineering faculty after 5 years and a half. It was my ultimate dream, my biggest wish to wake up in the morning and don’t have to go to that school again and it happened. However, I still lack that true feeling of freedom from school and the glee I’d always longed for.

I’m trying to figure out the reason as working on developing new perspectives and here’s what I eventually came up with; we are so busy living and planning for the future we actually forget to celebrate the moment.

Belief in Allah, motivation and determination made me realize one indispensable fact in life: EVERYONE of us will eventually get what they want but first they have to believe it is what they really do want. It happened several times to me and must have happened to you wishing something so bad you could’ve paid all your money as well as effort to get it when it came true and right there on your doorstep with you paying way less that what you expected. I mean, we’ll always get what we want with a little bit more so there’s no need to be worried or afraid about the future. On the contrary, I find it interesting to live the moment, to truly wallow in the moment and see how you’re future is being shaped either by you or your destiny.

I am trying to apply this to my current financial status as well as many other aspects of my life; after graduation, I am broke and still unemployed, there are too many things I want to do and enjoy from travelling to having all kinds of fun but I don’t let this affect how I feel and live everyday because I believe the money will come in very soon and I’ll miss the old days. I don’t mean to say I am waiting for it to happen to me but there’s a couple of other things I am working on.

My point is that we should focus on the present, on getting the best out of it and dance joyfully on whatever life throws on us. Our greed will decorate the future and try to steal us repeatedly while the real secret is all about NOW and only N.O.W.


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