(329) – Driving in Jordan


Driving generally combines taste, art and ethics. Everyone in Jordan agrees with such a fact yet only very few people apply it simply because “everybody else is careless, why would I care?”

Driving in Jordan is one of the most distinguished facts you’ll notice if you ever come for a visit; it’s a complete work of randomness and chaos. Driving your car in a straight way, you should expect all the bad things to happen in the blink of an eye, God forbid! People generally don’t respect the road, they think they have the right to cross the street at any moment and you’re supposed to hit the brakes or… God forbid! Taxis and public buses are a potential danger on the road threatening of a car accident most of the time. Their drivers, with all respect, are the filthiest and most ill-mannered people you’d ever meet; they don’t respect the cops, traffic lights, traffic sign or road priorities. All they want is to pick up the next passenger and drive on not to mention how disgusting it is to take the public bus!

After graduation, I decided to get my driving license and today was the second lesson. I am fairly a good driver but not in traffic jams and high ways so I’ll have roughly 10 lessons and hopefully get my driving permit. Well, the best thing is my driving instructor is teaching me how to think, how to use my mind while driving; he starts with saying “read the street, then take action”. He’s teaching me how to expect what the others are going to do around me including vehicles and people -kids in particular- because you never know when somebody decides to cross the street. He says you can always give a priority but never take it; if it’s your right to proceed and then someone wants to forcefully go, you should let him or you get your car hit. Ironically, my brother and probably father won’t agree with this, they’re somehow stubborn and don’t easily give in to others on the road, I’m not! 🙂


I find it interesting to be learning this, it’s actually enlightening, eye-opening and helpful in real life away from driving. I am beginning to read others’ minds and try to consider what they think of in terms of human interactions. We should all learn how to be alert, always. Living this way might be mentally exhausting but it surely is going to help if you’re a writer or wishing to be a one.



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