(327) – One Day


When I was young, my mom & dad always told me to never say I don’t want something or wish it never happens to me because you never knows what’s best for you or what God holds for you, the thing you hated most once might be your biggest dream to come true in the future. Most importantly, God may respond to that wish/prayer of yours and take it away from you at the time you start wanting it more than any time before.

I remember a couple of wishes I’d made ages ago which I truly regret now. Well, a couple of other wishes I think of sometimes now and still pray they won’t come true but I’m changing it all while figuring out my old mistake. It’s not necessary something bad I don’t want to happen to me but in every stage of life, we become completely convinced of certain things and have firm opinions toward it we think we’ll never change, yet comes the next day and we find ourselves stuck and adapting with what used to be our biggest fears or desiring the exact stuff we once disliked.

I am going through deep thinking of this idea nowadays; actually I’m a little bit afraid but not giving in to this fear because I believe the lesson is always meant to be learnt, so when you’ve comprehended it, it’s now a tool in your hands and one more secret unfolded.

Fear is what it was and what it’ll always be. There’s so much to be discovered and everyday I’m getting a chance to bring light to something I thought was a myth or never existed before. My parents raised me on blind faith and stories I took for granted; I don’t doubt them but at some point I need an explanation and want to add up to what they’ve already done, that’s why I am as well as we all are here, right?

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