(326) – Reflections on Free-mindedness

I dislike how I let myself run riot knowing I’m not doing what is supposed to be done then head to my blog to write my silly reflections on that unnecessary adventure. For example, I stopped blogging for almost two weeks because I had nothing to talk about. Well, I also stopped following The Daily Post courses I’d registered for last month and now I’m wrestling with my inner self for not forcing me to keep on writing daily.

The other thing is the gym; I’ve been going to the gym now for two weeks and it’s really awesome to be back to exercise after 4 years of laziness but I missed the exercise for the last 5 days now which means I failed again at commitment. The only good thing I seem to be doing is reading books.

That’s pretty much it. Life is good when you’re happy but it’s surely better when you have more things to work on because dreams never end.

I truly am missing writing and venting to my blog, there’s such a distinguished relief in writing… I’ll have to come back tomorrow and write on…





2 thoughts on “(326) – Reflections on Free-mindedness

  1. Sometimes a person needs a break…just be easy on yourself. If you didn’t blog or exercise for a week there was a reason for that which you may realize later. One has to keep up with school and work, no matter what ones feels like, but the other things…you can give yourself some “slack” as they say here.

    • There’s nothing wrong with a break every once in a while only when you need the break. By the way, I passed at the Vibration course and got a B which was a surprise. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for commenting. 🙂


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