(338) – One Month After Graduation

I think everyone college graduate deserves a short break to sort things out and plan for the next step. Well, things are pretty much different in Jordan due to the general financial situation of mostly all families; you’re required to help your family or at least stop asking for money which in case means that you have to find a job ASAP.

I graduated last month, my dad is actually still giving me money but I don’t want that yet I can’t say NO, I need it. It’s somehow troublesome; I wake up everyday delighted that I don’t have to worry about school anymore but deep inside I realize something else is waiting ahead and I got to take an action.

I said to myself it’s ok, I’m going to get any job and save up some money, it did not happen, at least so far.

The problem is that I’m so excited. However, I’m not doing what it takes to take advantage of such excitement or I have no idea what I should be doing other than working on my resume and start sending it right and left to companies begging for an interview or a yes that’ll force me to accept $250 in a month just because I’m a fresh graduate and need the money. You know what? screw it!

Oops! Screw me, I think! Everybody’s got to stand up for themselves, make themselves valuable and worthy, it’s the only way to live the life you want. All it takes is patience and commitment. (seriously?) :/

I am also trying to cultivate other personal skills as well as learning a new language, hopefully that’ll pay off soon!




It really saddens me how fast time is going by yet too slow. It’s all relative in such a blurry way I don’t actually get.

What freaks me out most is the fact that “I” know the truth, know what I want but not showing up, not doing what it takes to make it all come true.

Not having the friends I need is making me lonely but loneliness ain’t my source of pain, it’s actually the joy of being lonely because it pushes me to do some stuff I really could do without trying to prove to myself “I am not lonely”…

My mind is now occupied with the thought of “standing up for myself” and how to stop that undesired flow of negative energy. All I am asking of myself is a little bit of control over such bad habits I’ve developed over the last few years.

I’m all feeling well at the moment, a bit excited as well so I owe you a post when I’m going wild; it’s happening so much these days!

(336) – That Kinda Feeling…

Well, the thing is, I don’t really know; is it frustration? emptiness? dissatisfaction? rejection? or just high expectations failed again? It’s that kind of weird feeling knocking on my doors threatening me, intimidating me of something I’m not even sure of and it’s making me so weak and vulnerable.

(334) – Monday Motivation

If it’s not one thing…then it’s another. At times, it seems that every turn is the wrong one, and nothing is going your way. This is the time to practice patience, faith and determination. The job you lost will be replaced by a career or business that you are passionate about. The person who is no longer a part of your life has made room for someone else who will truly love and respect you.

If it’s not one thing… then it’s another. Perseverance, drive and moving forward with a positive mindset will help you to survive the storms of life. For now, focus on the bright side. The sun will shine on you again and you will be stronger for going through the storm. One day you’ll look back, appreciate the wisdom you gained and the person you became because of these experiences. You have something special…you have GREATNESS within you!” Les Brown

(332) – SNOWY GLEE :)


I do not want to talk a lot, just want you to enjoy my humble pictures of the snow today in Amman, Jordan and see how happy I am with the snow but first play the following song and donce on! THANK GOD πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

20150220_085758 Β DSC_0231






I love the fence!

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