(324) – A Fresh Graduate


So, the first thing you’re expected to do after graduation from school and getting your degree is to find a job and start making money. I am more convinced of the money now than I used to simply because it gives you options, so i’ll be concerned about making lots of money until I have the options all of us need to live a comfortable life.

Personally, I’ve got a couple of plans for the near future and need the money as soon as possible, that’s why I decided to get any job and save up. My friends and family again did not agree because I’m an engineer now and expected to get a better job than a cashier in a shopping mall. Well, they don’t understand how much I need the money. I’ve been looking for a job since last week, got one as a security guard but still not sure about it. One of my best friends who’s a really good engineer told me to visit as many companies as I can and apply to them even if they don’t have vacancies, the point is to get in there and start your career. I agreed with him but still not sure that I’d do something similar one day.

The good thing is that I’m no longer preoccupied with school and tests. I wake up early in the morning, read in my book, chill out and do what I enjoy doing. At the same time, I’m planning and figuring things out, reviving old plans and passions I buried so long ago during the last year; so many options but one’s got to be careful and attentive always, yet not lose his passion.




2 thoughts on “(324) – A Fresh Graduate

    • Thank you so much! I am doing my best, running all day long now looking for a good job or at least thinking of what to do. 🙂 Have a nice Monday.

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