“Your power is beyond your comfort zone. Do something that stretches you beyond what you have previously thought possible ~ either with your body, mind, spirit, or life goals. Nurture within yourself a growth mindset that says “there is more for me” ~ more life, more love, more to learn, more to experience and achieve. 

Make it OK to be uncomfortable. That is the place to discover the strength and power to create a new you! You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!” – Les Brown

The first thing I read on Facebook News Feed everyday in the morning is Mr. Brown’s status update. He always has something great and inspiring to share so I start my day with such powerful words of motivation that keep me going all day long determined to achieve at least one thing on that particular day. Well, I thought there has to be a more productive way to make the best out of these words. I mean, I felt I can do more and not just say “i’m inspired”…

It took me the couple of years to figure out my hobbies and what I really like to do in life when I’m not working/studying. Well, watching many talent shows, Arab’s Got Talent in particular, opened my eyes to such deeper sides of my personality and made me dig into the weeds looking for that talent of mine that will qualify me one day to go up on the stage and do my job. Actually, I expected it to be an easy work when in fact it wasn’t and still not to find that true talent. Then I remembered the above quote “YOU HAVE GREATNESS WITHIN YOU!” Everyone of us is good, well, great at something that only he can do better than the others which means YOU and I can do what we are supposed to be doing if only we could get our hands on it.

Now school is over, I think I have much time free during the day to figure out that little talent in me and purify it, shape it and shine like a diamond. Things may not be easier now but they sure are way more interesting and worth it. Not only me, everyone of us has to show their inner beauty and never be afraid of judgement. And please, for God’s sake, stay POSITIVE, as much as you can. I’m still sympathizing for my friend who’s lost his talent just because some people decided to steel it away from him… You don’t do that!


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