(316) – Fit Happens, So Does Success!


As a part of the Blogging 101 course, a change in theme as well as the tagline were required in the last two days. I have been thinking of a fresh start for my blog but I was looking for an idea to keep me inspired at least for a year from now. It suddenly happened while I was reading yesterday’s assignment on changing the blog theme. It says “NO one is going to spend more time on your blog than you, so you should love the way it looks” and I add, it should include what you love and want to be.

Fitness has been one of my fears for a couple of years after I failed at the gym and building the body I wanted. The reason was actually an obsessive bad habit of mine which I’m not sure I should be talking about. It affects all my physical activities, sports in particular. This year, I’ve decided to give it up, it won’t be easy as it’s part of me but with enough motivation, support and determination, it shall be gone for good, hopefully. Well, that’s the reason behind the cover photos I’ve picked for my new blog theme.

The goal is to be fit, healthy and never look back. This year, I want to be a great runner, a sports player, and may the odds be as always in our favor.


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