(313) – Be Original, Be Unique – Assignment #2

Reading today’s assignment for Blogging 101, I found a word that truly inspired and reminded me of who you and I should be. It reminded me of a motivational speech I repeatedly listen to; be original, be unique.

Today’s topic is to edit your title and tagline. The most interesting thing I found in the suggestions is that your title should be original; it has to emphasize and focus on who you are, on your blog and what you expect from such a journey.

The good, maybe the best thing about being original is that it will always be you, it will always stick inside no matter what. In the motivational speech shared below, the speaker assumes if you were in a comma and when you wake up, people will tell you who you were before the accident, would you believe that? would you live as if you really were that character? or would you figure things out? would you accept the truth plainly and head on with whatever memories you still have? what if you were told by another one you’re not who your people think you are? well, that means now you have to deal with two different characters you can barely recognize any of them, so what now?

I was just watching a movie which has answers for all the question above, it’s called The Vow. Two beautiful married people experience a bad car accident resulting in a partial memory loss of the wife; she cannot remember her husband anymore, the one who loves her most, she can remember almost everything before she met him which makes her nervous about her bizarre decision to be his wife. The guy does his best to make her remember, to sweep her off her feet again and continue on the life they had together just before the accident. He tries everything from places, dates, old friends yet she still cannot remember and decides to stick to her family’s side until she starts to figure out her old life and and recognize her old genuine, original and unique character which eventually leads her to make the same exact old decision she’d made just before the accident.

By the end of the movie, she still cannot remember though she meets her husband again but this time for a completely different reason, because now this is who she was and who she’ll ever be.

Being original is all about being specific and defining who we are; likes, dislikes, opinions, interests and beliefs. It means that we accept ourselves because we like ourselves and nothing can prohibit us from acting naturally as well as spontaneously. When we are original, it means we will always be no matter how far we travel, how long we live or whoever we meet. Something genuine will always be shinning inside, embrace it.


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