(311) – FWB


As an amateur blogger, yes, I sit down every night and write like a hundred words then delete it all because it’s the a fabulous idea to be shared on my blog then start squeezing my mind off for better ideas that never show up when I need them.

It happened tonight; I was writing about “friends with benefits” because that’ what one of my so-called friends want me to be. I was rudely asked by someone who I thought would be a good friend to be his friend with benefits.

I don’t like the term; I think it’s offensive and has no respectful for at least one friends involved. The word benefit in itself sounds unfair and inconvenient. What is the real point of such friendship? Is it benefits or friends? I don’t really get it.

People don’t understand it when I say I am not interested in having sex as much as I am interested in having strong bonds based on trust with my friends. They don’t think I should ever lose a chance to have sex especially old people who would always think they should have had more sex back when they were still could.

No disrespect but that doesn’t make sense. I can’t ignore their experience and the relationships they’ve had in the past but there’s no point of having too much sex then ending up lonely.

In my religion, you can’t have sex except with your husband/wife. Religion does not underestimate the importance of sex and its huge role in assisting marriages; yet, it has a set of rules and limits to guide the human desire for sex. Your spouse needs you as much as you need him/her, physically and emotionally. Either one of the two things are needed to build a successful lasting marriage so when one is missed, something wrong would occur and that’s absolutely not what you’re looking forward to and that’s the reason why we shouldn’t be having too much sex. Things are different in Islam but it’s still worth thinking, I believe.

Today, dating is almost impossible, I mean the old dating where you can hang out with someone you have a crush on, go to the movies, have a fancy dinner or just a cup of coffee. At some point, sex will show up…

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