(309) – Welcoming The New Year of 2015

I couldn’t stop myself from posting a word tonight. It’s overwhelming to think of all the things we’ve been through the last year, good and bad. It started out quietly but things got serious in the middle as usual. I wanted to evaluate myself constantly because I had long list of resolutions for 2014. Well, I did not; I kept postponing until I fell back short and got busy with school.

I’ve met many new good friends who made me see the world through their eyes; few of them are pen-friends, others I had the blessing of meeting them in person. I could not reach my reading target, ignored my blog and did not save the amount of money I needed. Sadly, I did not reach all my goals but I’ve achieved and learnt many other things in return.

I would like to thank the dearest followers and bloggers for all the support I get on a daily basis. Thank you so much for reading my blogs and encouraging me with your kind helpful words.

I am still working on a plan for the New Year, not because it’s still new and everyone’s excited but that I really want and will make some great firm steps toward a better future this year and may the odds be ever after in our favor.

Happy New Year…



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