(307) – Don’t Lose The Habit



Yesterday, I was reading in my journal from the last couple of years and it was surprisingly awesome to recall all that I was going through during high school and the first two years at university.

My articles were full of grammatical mistakes, my hand writing was horrible but only the purity of it that made my day. Back then, I was doing my best to describe the moments precisely and try to let the reader feel what I was feeling without even knowing who I am. I probably failed because I could barely speak two words of English back then -Yes, I was writing in English- but for me, I can still live these memories and remind myself of the big leap I’ve come.

My point of writing journals was to never forget the nice moments and feelings we have and to always look back happily with a smile on my face because I’ve become a better person and I’m actually stepping forward toward a prosperous future. Moreover, my admiration for writing was always there but I couldn’t define it clearly until the last two years when I started focusing more on it.

Tonight, I did not know what to write, yet, I did not want to miss one more day waiting to be ready or inspired. Writing could be a habit; you’re just used to write every day, even if it’s a statement, a paragraph, or a long piece. The point is to keep writing no matter what.


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