(303) – Live Without Fear


The other day I was at the shopping mall buying groceries and there was another man next to me asking about prices of some goods because it had no price tags. He had two options with two different prices and the two options were under the same manufacturer so he asked the guy in charge about the difference and the answer he got was that one product is class A, the other is class B. Well, it didn’t convince him, he wanted to know what’s the real difference because he was buying food so now he insisted on knowing the difference clearly because it cannot be the same with one more expensive than the other. A couple of people were around too started looking strangely at him because WE here in this country don’t object or inquire or ask or even comment…

It got me thinking whether the man was right or wrong; we all know that class A has a better quality than B but don’t really know the difference or points of weakness in whatever product it is, so the guy was right, I thought. Then it happened to me that we are not used to see people object here in this country because we are taken for granted, we have no rights, no freedom and whatever we get, we are always thankful for even if it’s our God-given right.

The same thing happens always at school; when the doctor asks if someone has an objection, nobody dares to raise a hand because you can’t object on what the doctor says or it’ll be taken personally with a big chance of winning an F by the end of the semester.

It’s difficult to live in fear, it’s hard to hide your emotions, feelings, opinions and not being able to express your thoughts freely. It’s impossible to avoid criticism and judgement all the time. Instead, you better know and choose HOW TO live that life of yours and get rewarded. I am not saying I know the answer. However, I’m getting to realize that we need to live smartly rather than just fearlessly. The first rule is that you are free and the land is yours; you are powerful and you are strong. You have an opinion and nothing to be afraid of. Things will most likely get harder at work as well as dealings with people and that’s where you should get to remember to act smartly. You should develop a skill to get your rights even in the most unfair situations; do not be neither shy nor afraid.

Things will always seem complicated until you take action…


6 thoughts on “(303) – Live Without Fear

  1. I would have to say that, for me, this has been one of the most frustrating aspects of life in Jordan. The idea of speaking out, voicing one’s opinions, or disagreeing with the status quo is not only discouraged, but actively squashed. Coming from a Western culture where public disagreement is a way of life, I have felt particularly muzzled here.

    If I disagree with something the Prime Minister said, or God forbid, something the King did or said, I am roundly denounced by my friends. They let me know quick, fast, and in a hurry that “in this country, we don’t say bad things about the King!”. Disagreement is not tantamount to treason, but here in Jordan it’s treated as though it is.

    It’s especially disheartening to see how that attitude has filtered down to even mundane things like the incident you described. Jordanians meekly accept whatever is doled out and try to be grateful for it, in spite of the fact that oftentimes it is inferior quality. It’s heart wrenching to see an entire society so completely subjugated by the ruling classes. I want so badly to scream out, “You do not have to accept this! You are free human beings with rights!” But sadly, I know my words would fall on deaf ears.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s better to get engaged living the life you want and like. Otherwise, you’d waste your time with nonsense. Cheer up, Jim! 🙂

  2. One of the best things about the Internet is that it allows everyone to learn about what it is like to live in another country from our own. The majority of Americans don’t travel outside of the United States so this type of situation is a complete surprise for us to hear about. I can only say that I send you best wishes and strength in your quest for truth and freedom. Even here, however, the American people are faced with a problem with the inferior quality of products from other countries. It isn’t the fault of the people making the products, it is the fault of the big companies who pay the people to make things that don’t last. It is about greed and lack of pride. Things made in America are of good and even excellent quality, but they are very expensive. Everybody complains about it, but when it comes to paying 19.95 for inferior shoes or 199.95 for good shoes, the majority of people buy the 19.95 shoes and then throw them out in a few months. As far as knowing the difference between product A and product B and why one is more expensive, that is an on going problem here. In the U.S.A., in general, if two things look the same and one is more expensive, it generally means that one has a recognizable name and they have spent more on advertising. Now, they are making the bottles and jars and cans smaller, but the price is the same. There are so many kinds of one thing in a grocery store isle that it takes a person one half hour to find their cereal. It’s crazy.

    • Yes, the internet is a big blessing, I believe. I do not know much about the world without internet, I was still young to even realize what’s going on around me but it sure wasn’t as enjoyable. I met many good friends through the internet, many couples got to know each other through the internet too and they ended up getting married. There’s a downside about the internet as well but it all depends on how you use it.

      The problem isn’t with the product itself as much as it’s about trust between the manufacturer and the costumer. I used to think that buying the expensive pair of shoes for example would save me more money because it’d last longer but that’s not necessarily right. I’ve heard once of “smart shopping” and it kind of made sense to me. Plus, when you have to watch the money, buying the expensive stuff won’t do you any good, so the best thing is to have a small idea and buy from companies who believe in trust between them and their costumers, or companies who sell you an idea, who know why and not looking for quick cash.

      Have you heard of Simon Sinek? I’d like to share his speech with you, he explains the idea better than me.

      Thank for commenting on my blog. I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays with your family and friends. 🙂


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