(298) – 2014… Time Passes

The year of 2014 is coming to an end, so I thought I should be working on the last chapter of it which is the lessons taught during the whole year.

The very first lesson is more of a fact many people have come to realize before me and it’s time; time passes, pretty quick sometimes. I remember the beginning of 2014, I had a set of fresh resolutions and plans to work on and achieve. I told myself I should evaluate my progress every three months; it’s long enough to make a noticeable change in whatever thing I want I still remembered the plan very well in March but ignored it or postponed it until June. June came again, and I did not do anything about it.

I was aware of time but never took an action. I was always convincing myself of the coming months until the end of the year but never looked back at the time I’ve wasted.

I had a goal to read 16 books this year. So far, I’ve read only 7 or 8 books only. I was always looking for the months to come saying I’d read a book and finish it in a week, this way it won’t take me as long to reach my target. Once again, time did pass leaving me behind.

Blogging as well; I should be close to 400 blogposts today. However, I am way behind, thanks to laziness for sure. I stopped blogging for a long time and here comes the result.

Time does not leave anyone behind their schedules, time is slow enough if we live in the present and the evident is that you really get bored sometimes and boredom means having plenty of time and nothing to do, right?

Our problem here in Jordan which I’m not taking an excuse but still worth mentioning is money, the financial situation in general as a government as well as a society. We don’t live from paycheck to paycheck, money is barely enough to live that way. Every beginning of a month, you pay for electricity, telephones, water, rent (if not, apartment loan), car loan, schools, universities, money pocket for the kids, food and fuel for the car. The amount of money left until the end of the month is not enough, not in a mathematical sense. Now the parents still have 30 days to live and you never know what’s going to happen in that month, so you tend to stop spending, literally stop and save up the money left for emergency. Moreover, you’ll find yourself looking impatiently forward to the next month because you have many desires and needs or even more expenses to pay for. You start counting days, weeks and her comes the new month holding money yet more expenses.

It gets worse if  you’re waiting for a good payment in a couple of month, time literally slides by while you’re waiting. Parents are worried about their kids, kids are worried about their parents. No one wants the other to suffer, everyone’s holding tight on themselves to ensure the others are fine and money is now showing up yet.

What I mean is that we focus on a short term goal, the beginning of a new month and we forget that time’s passing and it’s all part of our lives. I say this every new year’s eve and I’ll say it again this time: “in the past, the year used to feel like a whole year, like a 365 days but it no longer does”. I remember we celebrated the new year’s eve once at my aunt’s, we were really happy because it was a new beginning, a brand new year with lots of things to do. Now, we’re celebrating it frequently but it does not hold the real meaning of a new year, of a new beginning.

My humble advice is that we live in the present, live the moment and do not wait. We should not wait for the next day, the next weekend or next vacation. Every morning we’re given 24 hours full of whatever we make them full of, aren’t we?



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