(297) – You Make The Choice

Destiny is sometimes funny; your future is in front of you but you just can’t reach it because it’s not a good time yet. There was this guy at my university who’s been studying mechanical engineering, just like me, and I used to see him every day but we did never talk or shake hands until we met at my training site. He’s now a mechanical engineer with good knowledge in the field. We talked to each other several times and tonight was our first time out together. We share the same interests, likes and dislikes with a little bit difference in taste which makes it good. We were talking about the difficulties of finding a good job with a good salary here in Jordan until we get the proper experience to be able to approach regional or international companies.

What I really liked about him is that he does second on my belief that you should not wait for the others to give you an opportunity to make money. Instead, you should be working hard and over time on yourself taking advantage of the time to get a better knowledge and make the best out of what you’ve got. He’s working freelance now, reading lots of books, and learning many skills on his own. He’s creating his own opportunity. He said he can’t keep waiting to get a better contract or keep waiting for the next raise. He’s a risk taker, ambitious and a believer.

I was quite shocked; he was saying everything on my mind and had faith in what he was saying. It wasn’t merely words, but real thoughts interpreted into actions. He’s made a choice and he’s working on it.

There’s another friend of mine. He’s one year elder than me, studied finance, got a good job, finished his CPA and now he’s working for one of the most successful and reputable companies in Amman. This actually reminds me of my elder brother who’s got a degree in accounting, had many plans or let me say dreams but never made any come true. He had a choice to make but he never did. And even if he did, he did not finish, he did not put enough effort, did not continue. I’m not underestimating my brother but I’m trying to see how life looks when you make a choice, believe it, live it and make it for real.

Some people say you never know what you may find on the road, life is hard and it doesn’t go in a straight line. Yes, I am aware of that but you should have a clear vision of who you want to be. The shortest way is the straight line but it’s not the only way.

One of my dreams is to be an ordinary man but grown up, sensible and prudent. A man who’ll be able to speak wisely and shortly, who’ll be able to inspire and guide others to the right path and help them follow their passion. One of my favorite characters is basketball coaches; I like men in suits but I love practical men. Basketball coaches -NBA teams in particular- are amazing; they’re leading the best teams in the entire world, they’re astonishing motivational speakers, great supporters and unbelievable decision makers. They play with their minds, they lead and they win. I have made a decision of being that kind of characters I admire, I shall be.




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