(295) – Time To Study… But How?!

I want to study because I have to study and that the only thing I should be doing these days is studying. However, I am completely not in a mood to study because I was visiting a friend today and we talked about many interesting things except studying, so I thought I should be sharing some interesting facts about my studying habits, kind of encouraging myself to study again.

Whenever I have to study, I tend to find myself a reason to study, or let me say an urge to study because it’s so bad when you’re doing something you don’t like which is in my case engineering. The first thing I’d do is convincing myself that if I turn off my phone and get away from the internet, my friends will miss me and send me many text messages wondering I’m up to or what’s going on with me. So I tend to seduce myself that people really care about me and that it is worth the disappearance for a while. Honestly, it’s such a silly idea but it’s effective, at least in my case.

The other thing I sometimes do which is quite harder to pay off is forcing myself to do something I hate more than studying but still fun or doing something I can’t so the easier choice for me to pick would be studying. For example, I expect myself t read a hundred pages that day which is impossible for me to do so my excuse to myself would be “I was studying”.

The most interesting technique that I rarely ever apply but still the most effective one not only in studying but all fields of production is DO IT NOW. I go to my room, lock myself in and study for a couple of hours then leave and have fun all the day long.

It is lonely, difficult and boring to be doing something you don’t really have passion for especially when people you know are having fun not far from you BUT you still got to do it, right now. And I should shut up and study, right now!


2 thoughts on “(295) – Time To Study… But How?!

  1. Yes! Yes, and yes! Forget everything else and hit the books. You MUST graduate next month and this is the only way to do it. The degree is your goal and sometimes we have to do unpleasant things in order to achieve our goals. But, those unpleasantries always make the accomplishment all the sweeter! I have faith in you and believe you will carry the degree in January.

    • Thank you so much for your faith in me. I am studying and working on my graduation project, I am also trying to stay away from overthinking and worrying about the finals. May the odds be always in our favor!

      Thank you so much again for the endless support and encouragement. Salute! 🙂

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