(294) – Beautiful People DO Not Just Happen



This is one of the posts that I still get many views on almost every day, so I thought I’d rewrite it again from a different perspective and see how it goes.

(082) – Beautiful People DO Not Just Happen

Do you know that moment when you’re introduced to a new word that you feel is meaningful, yet you don’t really understand it? It happened with me several times especially with “sophisticated”. The word did sound differently when I first heard it; it is meaningful and specific. According to my dictionary, it’s defined as “able to understand difficult or complicated things”, you see? but who’s that person who can understand not only difficult but complicated things? and yes, here’s the word “things” again interrupting my thoughts because it’s general, it includes many fields of experience.

Personally, beautiful people are not just the ones who have known defeat, loss, suffering and struggle but the ones who could go all the way until the end and knew when to pick themselves up to start over, they are the ones who know how to laugh, yell, cry and party, these are people who know how to express their feelings and let go of grudges. These people I’d rather call sophisticated. They are beautiful because after all these disappointments which may be the secret behind their beauty, they’re still going on living life passionately and lovingly. They have nothing to hide, nothing to take but more to give.

I can’t deny how sad life could be, how frustrating and irritating are the emotions we experience losing someone we love, how selfish people around us have become and how lonely the dark long nights are without someone beside us to love. However, things get out of control, we sometimes do not have a choice except to live and give out what we have and what we need.

There’s a certain philosophy behind bad times which is also the source of all the beauty we enjoy during good times but I still can’t put my hands on it. It somehow revolves around not giving up, not allowing defeat, negativity into our souls and how to live life right and left.

I have been feeling down very often lately, cried sometimes but smiled again. I look at myself at university, I am still struggling and striving to graduate but I think I got something in mind; I can give advice and help younger colleagues in studying. I also know more certainly who I want to be in the future and what I want to do.

Being beautiful is about being lively and positive. This is not an illusion, not a fantasy. Do not let bad times get hold of you, enjoy them, let it take its time but have faith in yourself.

3 thoughts on “(294) – Beautiful People DO Not Just Happen

  1. I believe you are wise beyond your years Ahmed. To be, as you put it, “beautiful” is to let go of the past. It’s done and there isn’t one damned thing we can do to change it. Nor should we want to because every experience we’ve had in the past has made us who we are today. The good, the bad, the indifferent, all have a part in smoothing our rough edges and sanding the uneven surfaces of our personalities. Because of them, and because of each and every person we ever meet, we become beautiful, shining things like jewels.

    The secret of letting go of the past is to forgive and forget. That’s the ideal, I guess. Sometimes though, it’s very difficult to forgive. I have found that even if I can’t forgive, if I can just push it from my mind and concentrate on not thinking about it that it no longer has an effect on me. From time to time an incident will rear it’s ugly head for a minute. That’s when I really concentrate on something else and push it away again. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could erase certain parts of our memory to avoid that? But then that would negate what I said in the first paragraph, wouldn’t it?

    • I never thought I’d be able t forgive anyone who’s hurt me once, the ones I loved and trusted in particular but things changed and today I don’t think I really hate anybody I have ever known. I’d rather be oppressed that being the oppressor. Forgiveness is divine, hatred is a big burden to bear.

      I always tell my friends and family to forgive then forget, it’s the only way they will prosper and move on to bigger joys of life. As you said, it’s sometimes hard to forgive but you could just stop thinking and eliminate the bad memories from your mind, time will heal them anyway.

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