(293) – Moneyball

It’s a phenomenal movie though the ending was up to some extent, unexpected. Let me start with some key words I’ve been thinking of while watching the movie and they are confidence, vision, love, faith, trust and character.

Billy, the GM of the A’s is definitely a self-confident guy who knows what he wants. He’s made a decision once in his life that was based on money and it all was proven to be wrong because the fact remains money is a material at the end of the day. His love for the game was the source of inspiration and dedication to win the series  which is still a dream he’s working on so far.

Unlike most of the movies, the ending is not a happy one because Billy did not make his dream come true, he’s still working and challenging the nation with his firm beliefs.

I am quite arguing with myself whether or not he should have taken that opportunity at the Red Sox leaving his dream behind and moving on to a new one that may be more satisfying especially that his theories that are based on science and statistics were proven right after the Red Sox won the series playing according to them. Billy reinvented and recreated a game out of a dime, he is not a loser, he’s a believer and he shall ever after be. I can’t deny my admiration for his stubbornness for success but change is also a good thing. You never know what could have happened if he left the A’s and took another bet, things would’ve been completely different. However, nobody can ever decide for you how to live, or what chances to take and what to lose.

The thing is that we’ll always need someone who believes what we believe; they’re the only ones who are going to support us all the way till the end because they can see what we see.

I might have shared this fantastic song by Journey with you before but it’s one of the soundtracks of the movie, and it means a lot to me.


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