(292) – Rambling On

I don’t like it when I give myself quite a long time to write a blog claiming the idea is not showing up in my head. This is all illusion, I think.
I have been trying to write something since the early morning. I watched a good movie, had a nice day and got many thoughts to write down but I probably wanted something more intense to inspire me and that’s not necessary in the world of writing.
I would like to remind myself and you of how much I detest engineering and my current position in life as an engineering student. However, giving it a second thought, I am almost done if God wills it because the finals are going to be in January which means freedom but that’ll take one more last thing of me, hard work.
There are only two courses this semester that I don’t like and cannot seem to understand. One of them is called Communications; It has nothing to do with the mechanics but it’s an alternative one. Its doctor just sucks! I’ve been trying to follow up with him during the lecture, listen or write down notes but it all failed miserably and now I am struggling with it and demanding only for a D.
Then, there’s the other course which is quite nice if it were for fun only, it’s called Vibration Systems. The idea of it is brilliant; the universe around us needs vibration very much especially that we can’t live without vibration, you know what I mean? Think of it… as I was saying, it’s nice as long as you don’t have to be tested or as long as if it’s merely ideas and imagination but the downside is that as an engineer, you’re required to mathematically analyze and absorb the problems.
I sincerely have no idea what to do with these two annoying courses, I don’t want to get an F and spend four months more at the faculty of engineering, so I sorted out my books yesterday putting every book with all the related papers on a side and starred at it for quite a long time. The thing I’m going to do now is to re-study every single subject from the beginning, and try to focus on the basics and main questions. I am going to count it day by day until I finish. I am going to scream at the books, crumple them but get good results, hopefully.
I don’t have a choice! I am truly annoyed but some things must happen sometimes and we are the only victims because we humans are so weak until we get to go through such cruel experiments and take revenge of the past…
What else is there I want to talk about? I sadly ignored this blog and stopped posting everyday but I promise to write again every night until I graduate. it seems like there’ll be lots of things to talk about especially when you’re like me, a good listener but not much of a talker.
By the way, I was thinking the other day I should be a talker, a bla bla bla guy who doesn’t know when or how to shut up because nothing makes sense, why would I?!
And there’s religion; OMG! It’s impossible to be a committed Muslim these days, everyone’s fighting against you, even yourself…
Any my dad who’s insisting on me to get a haircut. He doesn’t understand it’s not his business and that even if I live at his house, that does not give him the right to tell me how and when to get a haircut! Such a curious dictator man he is!


4 thoughts on “(292) – Rambling On

  1. As usual, a good read Mister Ahmed! Interesting thing though, about the haircut. I wonder if that’s really symptomatic of your Dad’s dictatorial nature. Why do I wonder that? Well, I’m glad you asked. Look at me. I’m a sixty year old man. I think I know when I need a haircut. And, haircuts are not nearly as important to me as they are to some folks. I’m not very conscious of my appearance. I frequently go three or sometimes four months between haircuts. Yet, nearly every Arab I know considers it his God-given duty to let me know that I need to have a haircut. Do they imagine that despite the fact that I do wave a comb at it at least once a day, that I haven’t noticed how long it’s getting? Or, do they imagine that this is yet one more facet of my personal life that is their business? In my years here in Jordan I have learned one immutable fact. There are NO boundaries here. Personal privacy is a fantasy.

    • Excuse me, “personal” is not even mentioned in their dictionary. I can go off telling you many many stories about how people like to interfere with each other here discussing the smallest details. They forget we can talk back, they ignore their flaws and focus on others. That’s one more of a reason I sometimes think I want to be a talker, a careless talker because that’s the only way to let them shut their mouths up… But I think again, I have a better stuff to do.

      Every time my hair gets a little long, my dad starts nagging and forcing me to get it cut. He doesn’t understand that I will always want to grow it out until I am convinced it’s ugly and that I need a haircut not to mention his hairstyle back when he was my age.

      Thank you for the nice comment, it’s always a relief to hear from you my dear Jim. 🙂

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