(290) – The Experiment



If I’m not wrong, then we live in an experiment, too. We are given roles and rules, yet cannot discuss the role but play it smartly because it’s short and temporary. The purpose is bigger than us, all we need is to play well, win and move on. It’s not a place to stay in, only a transitional phase preparing for something bigger.

The game we are in is not a 14 day one, maybe a little bit longer. However, it’s still a game with firm decisions to be made.

My little philosophy about life does not appeal to many if not most of the people I know, males or females, young or old. It does not include many question, -though I’m beginning to ask many lately- it has more to do with faith and given facts. Verbal answers are not expected, only if you’re lucky or as I tend to believe, blessed enough, you’d get one through someone.

I don’t want to miss the point of the movie and move to talk about life but it’s worth thinking…



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