(289) – Chasing The Right Things


It’s said “when you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you”. I think the right things will FIND its way to you once you give up the wrong things.

Though I hate to be uncertain and the most uncertain word is “things” but in this case it’s the right one, I think. Either your dreams, friends, beliefs or even music, there’s always a right thing to follow and pursue.

My thing for the night is music. I always loved music and wanted to try something new. I have always found something interesting about classics and had this fond for old stuff but never thought I’d be a big fan of the 80’s or even the 70’s until I started listening to Mood 92 which is a local radio station that mostly plays the old songs you’d always like to listen to.

Boney M, ABBA, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Journey, Foreigner and many more are becoming my favorite. Thanks to my elder friends who did not stop recommending other fabulous songs as well as bands and artists after they knew I now share the affinity for such old school.

It annoys, maybe hurts me sometimes to find that I’m quite different from guys my age it terms of interests, likes and dislikes but everyone’s good at something and that what we should all focus on and nurture. I’d recommend people to always try new things, be open-minded and accept whatever life has to offer. This was said to me one time quite before I had my first sexual experience. I can’t deny I got hurt but I did learn and I am happy today the way I am.

It’s also the same thing with my university; you have no idea how much I detest engineering or even engineers but it’s definitely meant to convey a message and it shall be gone eve rafter.

It’s maybe music now what I’m getting to experience living life with a taste of the old times but it’s helping me effectively coping with current issues and opening my eyes to different aspects and beauty we may have missed as a younger generation.


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