(283) – Just Sayin’

Our biggest concern as humans is to pursue what makes us happy and live it. We spend years and years of hard work to get to that moment when dreams come true and we feel happy but what’s next? how do we know it’s the right moment? how can we recognize it if it’s the right one and we’re not misleading ourselves? then, how should we act? behave? what does happiness include? how do I know if i’m really happy or not? does it come exactly like you want it? or with a bit more?

The moment i’m talking about occurred to me today but I couldn’t recognize it until I got home and settled down. Thinking back early in the morning, I was just feeling happy, smiling and laughing carelessly because it felt so nice that I couldn’t think of anything else except focusing on the moment. It’s like getting what you’ve been dreaming about for ages so suddenly and all at once. You’re given a chance to live a temporary short but memorable moment you may never enjoy again.

My moment was basically admiring someone with everything I like in one person; charisma, kindness, respect and confidence. I felt infinite but got back home upset with no idea why! However, this person has got a little bit more than that; I was asked to do something I disagree with, yet I’m now given the space to mull it over. I don’t know what to do, I don’t even know the point of my post but I’m just feeling like I NEED to let it go…

Well, sometimes we’re given a small opportunity to taste and sense success; I don’t know… I don’t seem to know anything tonight…


2 thoughts on “(283) – Just Sayin’

  1. We always seem to fill our minds with “plans to be happy” rather than being happy in the moment. I’ll be happy when I finish my degree. I’ll be happy when I’m married, or when I have a family, or when I have a certain amount of money in my account. See the pattern? We rely on external stimuli to make us happy. Joy, happiness, and contentment are not dependent on external conditions. Only when we accept ourselves, fully and completely, without conditions or reservation, can we be truly happy. Then we realize that our world has calmed and we are content in it. It’s not a feeling of giddiness, but rather a quiet joy that allows us to look at the world and accept it for what it is without trying to change it or “fix” it. We accept it for what it is, just as we have accepted ourselves for what we are. There is where we find true and lasting happiness.

    • I completely understand. I am not the kind of people who depend on external stimuli to feel happy, I don’t even like or accept that.

      However, I got all confused the other day after meeting someone special as I mentioned in the post. This thing in particular has something to do with me accepting myself. I know it sounds vague because i’m not giving any example or explanation but I truly can’t. I don’t know if I can tell anyone because it’s a red line up to our standards here, not politics but…

      Things are getting more serious everyday; it’s horrible.

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