(282) – Agony


One of the nicest things I like about English is the variety of meaningful words English speakers use and when I say speakers, I mean writers, authors and rappers, Eminem in particular.

I remember when I first wanted to practice writing, I didn’t know what to write about so I did a quick search on topics to write about and the first thing came out was “description”, it wasn’t an easy one, to say the least. I needed more words, adjectives and adverbs. I didn’t know how to think of them, how to look around and describe, I didn’t see a thing that’s worth the description, it all was usual and ordinary but maybe that’s the beauty of it; describing the small things we see everyday.

Learning English opened my eyes to my native language which is Arabic; it’s such an old beautiful language to learn. We have lots of poems and stories but nobody reads or even encourages you to read. Our language is completely abandoned and that’s why we ended up in the bottom. The daily language depends on slang, and slang only. If you use a powerful word, your friends will mock you for being weird, and they’ll remind you of it every time someone else speaks a similar word. Storytelling doesn’t have a place in our lives no more; the mom doesn’t read to her kids before sleep and teachers don’t care about composition except the fact that you can never get a full mark in writing if you know what I mean.

Well, reading a lot of books these days, I feel like bearing an untold story, yet can’t put it into words. I don’t like to be misunderstood or not be able to express my thoughts clearly because it’s a long way of processing them in mind, they deserve to be spoken out. Today, I’m remembered of Maya Angelo’s words, “there’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story”. This journey I began almost three years ago to learning more languages and writing a book will continue and I shall be able to write like sophisticated writes and tell my story even if nobody reads it.


2 thoughts on “(282) – Agony

  1. Remember, Ahmed, there is great beauty in the ordinary. As for your acquaintances who mock your use of language, remember this and repeat it to yourself as many times every day as you need to. “I am not in this world to live up to your expectations. And, you are not in this world to live up to mine.”

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