(281) – Places I need To Visit In USA

One of the countries that top my bucket list is USA; I like the variety of cultures, places and climate there. I think it’s like 50 countries in one big country that ensures you everything you want or need to see, live and enjoy.

The problem with USA is the visa and since i’m Arab it’s even more difficult to get there unless I have money, and I mean lots of money. However, this doesn’t stop me and I believe I will visit there soon if God wills it, just a matter of time.

Today, as I was working on an article about the best places to visit in America, I found this blog on Buzzfeed and it sort of summed up the whole search for me. Today, I’m adding all these places to my bucket list, I have one more dream to make come true. No words can describe the beauty of the pictures, I hope you make time to check them out carefully, all of them.


29 Surreal Places In America You Need To Visit Before You Die



2 thoughts on “(281) – Places I need To Visit In USA

  1. I haven’t seen most of these, myself. But, when I return to the US, I am making it my personal mission to see as many as I am capable of seeing. A few of them are out of my league physically, sadly, but I’ll see the rest! I hope I can show you some of them myself, especially the Smoky Mountains that are a short drive from my hometown.

    • I am really sorry I forgot to reply. 😦

      Well, I hope you make time to visit all these places and take as many pictures for us who can’t visit there, I will be waiting and following your blog.

      However, you don’t have to worry about your physical abilities Jim, you can take me there with you and we’ll work it out together. Just get me to the US, I’ll be forever grateful for you. LOL 🙂

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