(280) – Dolores Claiborne


“Once a mother, always a mother” even when Selena came back home after 15 years smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs in front of her mother, the mother didn’t stop loving her little daughter even more.

I didn’t think the movie would be that good, it has a radiant sense of truth. It made me even more insisted on believing in ultimate justice, the justice of God because no matter how hard you try to tell the truth sometimes, maybe you’re just not destined to tell it or people will have no mercy on you to let you tell the truth.

Dolores reminds me of my mom, probably every mom. Moms’ only priority is their kids, yet we grow up hard on them leaving them die alone or at least living alone pretending to have a life. I do that, you do that, we all do that.

I’ve been trying to see the world through both perspectives; Dolores and her daughter, I couldn’t blame the mom because she was always the one to sacrifice, yet the daughter didn’t give herself the space to make a right decision and was most often emotionally driven.

As for Vera, sometimes age freaks me out. Future cannot be guaranteed; nobody likes to be left alone or disabled. Well, the only time to decide how we want to spend the future is now, through making the right decision and that’s another thing I personally worry about; I’m afraid of making wrong decisions just like the ones we hear about every day. I have no idea how a man can be fair to himself, his family and people in general. Perhaps, it comes by experience, education or most likely reading books? we’re yet to know!


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