(278) – Do What You Love


I’ve been thinking about today’s post the whole evening and here’s the thought showing up at last.

For some reason, we live according to a timetable here in Jordan starting from high school, university, good paying job, marriage, kids and so on… Almost everyone’s here unsatisfied about their jobs. Sometimes they get paid very good salaries, yet still unhappy because someone they know gets paid even more, so the goal here is not satisfaction but a matter of money. Honestly, I avoid the money talk with my people and friends because we all agree on the fact that it cannot buy happiness “but it’ll make you feel better” that’s what they’d say and that’s completely foolish because as long as you’re working in something you don’t like or just because it’s supposed to be making you lots of money, you shall never feel happy, at least that’s my opinion.

I have a training course at a company this semester, I go three days a week, the engineers there help me with the terms, introduce me to different machines and help in all possible ways.

I used to think engineering would make more sense to me when it comes to practice but that’s not true, at least so far. I don’t feel like it’s where I want to spend my life, struggling to get an interview or a better contract. I may be wrong but that’s what I’m feeling, now!

I’m actually afraid of changing my mind because I may fail at something else and go back to my old specialty when it’s too late but fear isn’t an excuse and failure is never wrong if you decide to learn from it.

My point is that do what you love, what you admire because nothing will stop in your face or impede your progress. I’m still not sure of my career or my future. I’m focusing on graduation now and discovering as many aspects of life as I can. I’m trying to be a freethinker putting all kinds of prejudice aside and take the rational path. Things will make a perfect sense the soonest I hope!




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