(277) – Shutter Island


I’ve always loved DiCaprio and all of his movies. Well, lately, I’ve been paying more attention to the director as well, so today after I went to visit a dear friend and pick a few thoughtful inspirational movies, I did not hesitate for a second to get this one called Shutter Island.

–Family interrupts again–

I was building up this blog in my head while watching the movie; it started out with reminding me og the old generation like my dad who are judgmental and so affected of their so-called achievements all the time. They think they can control the world and do whatever they want just because they KNOW stuff. As the movie goes on, I kind of got lost, struggling with the idea, is it a fake world? is it a lie we’re all living? who’s right and who’s wrong? why is the truth lost? who can and can’t I trust? friends? colleagues? doctors? people in general? It confused me because I can’t actually tell when others really want to help and when they’re just busy about some personal benefit.

The end of the movie was heartbreaking; Ted was a normal man living a quite ordinary life when something unexpected happened that ended up with him in a psychiatric hospital. I have no words to say other than it’s not worth it at all. All that we fight for. Life can turn on a dime if that’s the right thing to say at such moment.

And please, be reminded to check out the movie’s soundtrack, it’s wonderful.



3 thoughts on “(277) – Shutter Island

  1. I was never a DeCaprio fan. I have started to come around. I really enjoyed “Inception” and “The Departed” (one of my daughter’s favorite movies). Now, you’ve added another I’ll have to try to find time to check out. Thanks!

    • The list by DiCaprio goes on, this one is really worth watching, and it can be a family movie, I think. I have “inception” on a dvd and am planning to watch it this week. “The Departed is one of my favorite too especially with Jack Nicholson, he’s my favorite actor. πŸ™‚

      In case you’ve never seen Catch Me If You Can, it’s genius. πŸ™‚

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