(276) – Choose Your Music Carefully

Today I’ve done something for the first time. It was actually a new experience that I wanted to discover long time ago and I had the opportunity today. Well, regardless of what sort of experience it was, I felt confused on the way home and the only thing I felt I needed was music. Yes, we all know that music has its way with comforting the soul but the thing is that not any sort of music can serve you when you’re feeling something you can’t just recognize or even define.

Feeling a little bit negative tonight, I thought listening to Eminem would give me the push I need to overcome this negativity but it was too much of a push that made things even worse. Slow music as well didn’t do me a favor at all; I was getting deeper into thinking about nothing.

Well, what I’m trying to say is that music probably isn’t what we need sometimes. Perhaps, it’s a source of negative vibes and exaggeration we should avoid which is the only reason that keeps me wanting to stop listening to music all the time though I really like it.

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