(275) – Nature Is Speaking

I don’t think I will ever change what I think of humans including me. We are here to destroy the earth then leave, I have no idea why! we take everything for granted and just want to have fun, doesn’t matter if we’re really happy doing what we do or not, we just want to live life, and that’s completely wrong.

Here’s a new project I just found, please watch the videos shared on their Youtube channel, follow them on Facebook and let’s just TRY to make a tiny difference…




Youtube channel: Conservation International

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/conservation.intl


4 thoughts on “(275) – Nature Is Speaking

  1. We “intelligent” humans are taught from the cradle to be takers, users. Conservationists are tolerated at best by most of society. The butt of so many stupid jokes. We aren’t taught anymore, as my grandfather and father taught us, to nurture the earth because it is she who is the source of our lives and sustenance. Will we ever get back to that lifestyle?

    • Yes, families and society today focus on university degrees and profitable majors. Earth, humanity, prosperity, personal development don’t count anymore.

      As if we’ll ever be back to the old lifestyle you mentioned, I think we eventually will, just give it some time till oil vanishes. I was talking to my mom yesterday about how dependent on technology we are today; it’s found to make life easier but not completely effortless and that’s what moved us into thinking about issues we could do without.

      I just got an idea of a book where oil vanishes, industries collapse and technology goes useless, would be nice.

      Salute, Jim! 🙂

  2. Yes, unfortunately there is something very selfish in us humans.

    BUT there is also something caring. And that’s what you are doing right now. And that is great. There are like-minded people and you will find them. Please! Stay as you are 🙂

    • Thank you so much! You too are the kind of people we need, who always believe in positivity and focus on the good things in our world. Have a nice Monday. 🙂

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