(273) – Your Mind Really Matters


I’m actually stunned by the variety of mentalities we have; it must be a good thing when it comes to creativity, technology and all kinds of development. However, it’s actually a curse on the personal level. I loathe the kind of mentality when a person assumes he’s right and everyone else is just wrong and that like he’s stuck in this world because nobody agrees with them. Well, there must be something wrong.

My dad is that kind of people; for some mysterious reason, he always think he’s right and we all should change only to fit his undefined expectations. The irony of it is that even if we change, he wouldn’t like it because deep inside he knows, probably admits, time has changed and his old rusty rules don’t work no more.

Generally speaking, don’t you think there should be a common set of rules to regulate the human life? I mean 1+1 must equal two, ain’t this a common rule? why do some people disagree? The human mind is created similarly, only the way you utilize it that matters. I don’t care how you live or what you believe in, your whole circumstances don’t make any bit of sense to me but that you should take other people’s safety and respect into consideration. The world today has lots of populations, we need to give each other a space, to be patient and spread love, we’re not in a situation to judge or even to fix others, all we can do is to focus on our behavior and families. Your humane mission is to raise up kids that know respect, know mercy and care about the benefit of others. Only this way change can occur and you can be immortal.


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