(272) – Burden

Islamic Quotes About Patience (8)


“don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill” was my friend’s reply after I told him about my university. He simply added “you shall pass, it’s your choice and you know better what it takes”. That helped me actually define myself more accurately; I am kind of guy who’s worried 24/7. The way I start praying and over-thinking whenever there’s a problem is what stresses me out then worry follows.

The quote is one more of which I repeatedly mention, yet don’t seem to absorb. My faith in Allah taught me to trust Him, walk the straight path and He shall guide me to my destiny. There must be a certain amount of burden or let’s say problems for every person but that is what you need to become the one you want. Otherwise, you’d fall early and think “it’s too much burden to bear”.

Why worry? why fear? what’s the point of it? we’re just tiny creatures trying to over smart the world with such little wisdom we have! Have faith, have trust, don’t let worry get to you, don’t let fear interfere. It sounds serious on the outside but it’s way too ridiculous on the inside, have fun, live it up.