(271) -The Journey



“the journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step” what kind of journey is it that we’re talking about? a journey of success or failure? aren’t both considered to be journeys? because you don’t fail overnight, nor do you succeed, right?

My new resolution for the rest of this year, perhaps life, is to mull over the words, to think deeply and read between the lines. I like so many quotes on the social networks everyday, yet I don’t seem to really understand what I’m liking, so I decided to pick one quote/saying on a daily basis and explain it in my own humble words.

My journey of failure, apparently, isn’t an act of randomness; I was giving up my life slightly, day after day. Endings never seemed to be complete because I always give in a bit earlier, probably a few steps before the finish line. Let’s take this blog for example; It was a decision I made last October, today my post should’ve had the number (370), instead, I’m one hundred days behind. It started with one small wrong, uncalled for decision due to a short temporary state of mind I was going through. Now, it’s a grand number that’d take me double maybe triple effort to overcome it at the time I should be experiencing something else.

The same thing happens with many global issues like global warming for instance; it started out as small amounts of gases going up to the atmosphere, the entire world was busy praising the invention and nobody paid any attention to its effects on the long run. Today, it’s a massive threatening problem without a solution.

Having plenty of time does not mean the journey won’t come to an end or that you won’t have to face your wrong decisions sometime. All you need is a single positive step toward the future you look forward to.

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